Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills
Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills

When you are in an industry like Bollywood, it isn’t difficult for success to get to your head. However, actor Ranbir Kapoor despite all the commercial popularity and critical accolades has managed to remain grounded and focused on his career.

Trying to make the best use of his versatility, the actor is busy carving his own niche. Koimoi caught up with him shortly before the release of Besharam to know how he takes his stardom and success in his stride.


Leaving aside all the necessary preparations that you took to strive better in the industry, what were the qualities you preached for to become one of the bests at work?

Well, leave aside all the qualities, above everything, what one basically needs to be is a good person! Everything else comes along with it. If you are a good person with an ability to connect with the audience, you are surely going a long way! That’s what makes one a successful satisfied actor! You need to think for your people on an emotional level!

Belonging to a legion of acting prowess and the first filmi khandaan of Bollywood, do you feel the pressure to deliver the best?

Well, as far as my family name is concerned, I don’t work carrying a chip on my shoulder. I do not take my job for granted I love what I do. I do feel the responsibility that rests on my shoulders to carry the legion forward. I know that I come from a certain family which boasts of powerful actors and actresses. I can only take that legacy forward with my dedication and hard work, by doing the kind of films that I want to do. My parents would be really proud when they pass the streets and people say, ‘Oh look, these are Ranbir Kapoor’s parents’. I just hope that I wake up someday being able to achieve that in life.

You debuted only four years back and today, you have successfully carved a niche for yourself in a territory that is throned by the ruling clan of Khans! How do you take it?

What makes me happy is that I am 30 and people know me quite well today. I enjoy the love and the recognition of my talent. But having said that, I would also like to say that I have the desire to make prominent films so that even after some years, I too would be able to enjoy the craze that a Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan or an Aamir Khan film enjoys! I don’t know exactly when that would be possible but that is surely going to happen someday!

Right from the time that you had debuted, you have been unceremoniously linked with many actresses so on and forth. How comfortable or awkward is it for you to deal such situations?

Initially it used to be really awkward for me, which would happen to anyone once he or she becomes an actor here in Bollywood. There was a time when it was very uncomfortable for me to deal with. I used to even feel bad in a certain manner but right now, I have accepted it as a part and parcel of the film industry. I work very hard as an actor. I try and do as well as I can to entertain my audience. What I do with reference to my personal life should always be something I would like to guard. Hence I am not on any of the social networking sites because I feel the mystery of an actor is dying so much because we are always on television doing ad films and promoting our movies everywhere before its release. Newspapers are writing gossip columns about us, most of which is true. I am not saying it is untrue but the manner in which the news today is glamorized; the real truth of what the thing actually is gets a little hidden. So I have understood that this will continue but I am happy knowing that I know my truths well enough!

If you had to sum up your entire journey from Saawariya to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, what would you say?

Well, it has been an amazing journey all these years. I don’t know how these five years just passed by me. I am really happy that I get to do what I love and I think that is what makes it more special. After all, everyone is happy when they get to do what they love. I have really been lucky, I am grateful to have worked with such big directors. I think I was at the right place just at the right time. When I got all these opportunities, I was just intelligent enough to grab it. It feels great when you can sit in front of people and be recognized. My life has not been a journey so far, it has just been nine films but I thank everyone for all the love that people have showered upon me!

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