Ranbir Kapoor has an exciting line up ahead with films like Sanju, Brahmastra Trilogy and Shamshera slated to release in the next couple of year. Not just do the line-up look exciting, but it also sees the transition of Ranbir Kapoor from someone who had locked himself in doing the films majorly appealing to the multiplex audience of India to doing the films that are high on entertainment appealing to the pan India audience.

The last few years were not quite good for Kapoor whose urban centric films like Bombay Velvet, Tamasha, Jagga Jasoos failed to strike gold at the Box-Office. The only successful film amidst the string of failures was Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, however even the Karan Johar directorial also worked majorly in the metros. At a recent press conference, when Ranbir Kapoor was asked to talk about his failures, the actor said,

“If we had a formula for success, everyone would have been a superstar. I am learning from my failures and like they say, it is just a bend and not the end. Life is too long and we need to keep working. What I learnt from Raju Sir is the power of entertainer. I learnt to make film for the audience and it is such a terrific. I have been a part of lot of good films and more bad films. I have understood the power of film that reaches out to a large section of audience from Raju Sir. Not that I would make all good films, but I have learnt it.”

Has Ranbir Kapoor FINALLY Realized the Potential of Commercial Cinema?
Has Ranbir Kapoor FINALLY Realized the Potential of Commercial Cinema?

The actor accepted that it is essential to make films that entertain the audience across the country, and although we are yet to see either of his upcoming films, there is a visible effort to take a step forward in that direction. Everyone in this industry, right from Rajkummar Rao to Salman Khan care about the Box-Office collections of their film. While critical acclaim does matter to quite a lot of them as it gives a validation of “ART”, it is the Box-Office collection that prove that the film has been watched and enjoyed by the audience. No one in the industry wishes to make a film that doesn’t work at the cinema hall. But obvious, not all films can earn 200 and 300 crore at the Box-Office, but all directors and producers make a film to recover the amount invested and make a reasonable chunk of profit via the film, as after all film-making is a culmination of “Art and Commerce”.

While it is too early to comment if the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor films will win critical acclaim or no, one thing we can be assured of is the fact that all the films will open with a terrific response at the Box-Office and the opening day collection of each film will cement the position of Ranbir Kapoor as the superstar of this industry. While we are not saying, Ranbir Kapoor should only act in commercial films as there needs to be a balance, but all that we intend to say is the fact that commercial films like these strengthen the standing of an actor in the industry as it reaches out to a vast audience base.

While a lot of people believe that making commercial cinema is “SAFE” and “SHORTCUT” of minting money, I truly believe that there is no genre as difficult as a commercial entertaining film. This is because, when making a niche film, the director knows the taste of audience he is catering to, which makes it easy to write and execute what’s written, but while making a commercial film, you are catering to people of varied social status in India, who has different taste for different things. In a commercial film, you need to keep several set of audience in mind and come up with something that would work for majority of them. This is an aspect where Aamir Khan and Salman Khan prosper as they know what the taste of audience and serve them with exactly what is needed. In-fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that fans of every star wish to see their star in a well-made commercial film.

Ranbir Kapoor over the years has proved his calibre as an actor, and now it is time for him to reach the next level by getting audiences from different strata to the cinema hall. One can’t assure critical acclaim for well-made commercial films, but one can always assure tremendous collections for the well-made commercial films. We wish all the upcoming films in slate for Ranbir Kapoor fall in the category of “Well Made Commercial Film” as there is nothing better than entertaining the audience.

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