Today, after finally watching the Sanju teaser, Ranbir Kapoor proved that he is one gem of an actor and he can do any role with ease.

During the teaser launch event, when the Rockstar actor was asked if anyone wants to make a biopic on his life, will he be ready for it?

Giving a quirky reply, Ranbir said that his life is boring and the film won’t work. He said, “I will be ready for it but I don’t think my life is inspiring. I am a very boring person, I work and then sit at home. It might be an existential kind of picture and if a camera like Bigg Boss is installed, it will show that I go to work and come back home.”

Ranbir Kapoor On His Own Biopic: Don’t Think My Life Is Inspiring
Ranbir Kapoor On His Own Biopic: Don’t Think My Life Is Inspiring

Further he added, “If anyone wants to make a biopic on me, it’s fine, I won’t mind. But I don’t think it will work or will have a message to convey. (Laughs).”

Ask him about the toughest part of playing Sanju, Ranbir said that the young Sanjay Dutt was hard to play. He said, “Difficult to play was the young Sanju. There were more phases we have to show, the drugs and his mother’s loss. The fun was the Munna Bhai phase.”

On being asked about his physical transformation in the film and did it take a toll on him, Ranbir Kapoor said that he took one month break after every phase was shot. He said, “It was really fast, number of days weren’t much. I gave myself a month break between every phase. So there was a lot of team effort behind this. I think a year before that we did a lot of prep and screen tests, trying to give Raju sir the confidence that I can look muscular Sanjay Dutt. I usually have a very thin frame, it was hard for me to put on muscles. I can look like the Sanjay Dutt who comes out of the jail or the guy who was doing Munna Bhai at the same time looking like young Sanjay in Rocky. That was easy because that’s how I also look.”

Talking about playing Sanjay Dutt and how did he managed to get into the skin of character, he said, “When we put a lot of makeup and put on the costumes, that’s the easy part. Looking like someone is no big deal, it’s just resemblance. To understand a character’s soul and where he came from was a little hard initially. So we had a good prep time on the film. Talking about vulnerability, it is just a case of you have it or you don’t have it. It’s in the material and you just have to be true to be yourself as an actor. You have to understand, be intelligent and express yourself.”

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