Deepika Padukone at an event
Deepika Padukone at an event

He is fire. She is ice. He is the volcano. She is the glaciated ice. But when the two meet, they spark with brilliant effervescence. While Goliyon Ki Raas Leela Ramleela releases worldwide today, Deepika Padukone opens up to Koimoi in a freewheeling chat. And guess what, she finally opens up on choosing between Ranbir and Ranveer! Ahh, what bliss.

From Om Shanti Om to Chennai Express, you have grown volumes and today you are reigning supreme as the numero uno Bollywood actress. How do you take your success?
Honestly, the fact that all these films have released in a year and the fact that they have worked so well or the fact that they have been critically appreciated as well is really beyond my control. I think as an actor, all I can do is to be honest to my craft and bring in the same kind of energy that I have brought in to every film that I have been a part of till today. Nowadays people think that something has happened to me and some things have changed post all these huge successes. But honestly, my approach to my work has never changed. It is the same enthusiasm; it is the same passion and the same hunger that I have shown right from my Om Shanti Om days.


How has it been working with the task master – Sanjay Leela Bhansali?
Well I think when someone calls him the task master, I found the term too relative. He makes his cinema in a certain way, it looks in a certain manner and he definitely has expectations from the people he hires whether it is his assistants, his actors. So I think that is a very relative question but it has been a very memorable experience and a huge learning experience for me more than that.

Your and Ranveer’s chemistry is palpably scorching on screen. Plus Ranveer has been going on praising you for your work and appearances. How do such compliments from Ranveer make you feel?
I praise him too, very often. But I think you chose to ignore that. (Laughs) But let me read it straight again for you. Ranveer for me, is the best actor in the country right now from our generation. And this I say with full confidence and no pompousness or amount of flattery because this is according to me after I watched Ramleela two days ago. I haven’t seen anyone with the kind of range that he has. I haven’t seen someone who is so uninhibited. But the most beautiful part about Ranveer is the person that he is. I never met a more honest person, never met someone who wears his hearts on his sleeve and who is so charmingly carrying himself with so much of confidence. But like I said, it is just his honesty that will take him really really far in life.

You have worked with Ranbir and you are shimmering with Ranveer. Who according to you is the best actor?
Both of them are currently the best that we have now. Ranbir, as you see had a little bit of a head start as he started a little few years earlier. In fact a couple of days ago, Sonam, myself and Ranbir, the three of us finished our six years in the industry. He is again someone who is extremely versatile and an extremely lovable person. But my current favourite is definitely Ranveer, at least after watching Ramleela, most of us are going to admit it even.

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