Katrina Kaif has a host of brilliant films ahead of her. Aditya Roy Kapur had earlier said how thrilled he is to work with two gorgeous ladies, Rekha and Katrina in his upcoming film Fitoor. One would assume that the reason why Katrina is picking up a Phantom or Fitoor is because she wants to try her hand at a different variety of cinema. The impulsive lady Miss Kaif is, one won’t be surprised!

While discussing Jagga Jasoos at a recent media meet, the film with beau Ranbir Kapoor which just began its India schedule, she clarified a few rumors at the onset. A leading daily had reported that in Jagga Jasoos, she and Ranbir are playing a wide age from teenage years to middle aged. Katrina rubbished the story and said, “The news is false. I think because people know very little about the film, there is a lot of speculation. Ranbir’s character is not a traditional detective in the film. He is a detective of sorts.”

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor
Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

She continued about Jagga in the same vein, “Dada’s world are so different that you can’t classify them. Can you classify Barfi? You can’t say what Ranbir and Priyanka are playing. He creates a world and a vision that is very unusual and unique. It is a kind of suspension of belief. ​A lot of what cinema is about but Dada’s films start it and maintain it to the very end. He creates a world from his mind and people buy into it because his emotions are so strong in his films. Jagga Jasoos is a musical, in the conventional sort of way. A musical is when a scene is done through the song. We don’t do the same in Bollywood films.”

Katrina also has Fitoor which she begins in November. Speaking of Fitoor she said,”I am glad I am doing Gattu’s Fitoor. It is an intense, passionate Wuthering Heights kind of a film. Fitoor in today’s times is similar to what Kagaz Ke Phool did way back then. It is new love story. It is a relatable love story. I could gauge the logic, I understood the irrationalism of everything. There is no logic in love. The ambitious world today can breed ruthless people. It is young, today’s relevant love story.”

The shooting dates of the actress have been packed and placed very strategically. She elaborated, “Fitoor is going to start in November after Jagga Jasoos which I start now. We are shooting the Bombay schedule of Fitoor first and then go the Kashmir schedule which has been pushed to February.”

Anurag Basu had earlier filmed a good section of Jagga Jasoos in South Africa. The film is look for a release next year and given that Ranbir hasn’t had a release since Besharam, it is necessary that a powerful film is served which can redeem the blotch of Besharam from his career.

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