Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

While merrily lashing out at “competition” (read Deepika Padukone), Anushka Sharma also took a snipe at Sushant Singh Rajput, stating: “Sushant has only eight days of work (in Raj Kumar Hirani’s P.K.). He is just a small chapter in my life.”

Taking deep umbrage to what is being seen as an attempt to undervalue newcomer Rajput, a source said, “Isn’t Anushka pissed off about her colleagues trying to downplay and downsize her stardom? Then why is she doing the same to another colleague? Why is Anushka commenting on the length and breadth of a co-star’s role? How does she know the size of Sushant’s role? No one except probably Aamir has read the full script.”

Setting the record straight, the source said, “Yes, it’s a relatively small role. At a time when he (Rajput) is playing the lead in a Yashraj Film, he has agreed to do the role in P.K. for one reason only. Rajkumar Hirani. It was Sushant’s dream to work with Hirani. When he was offered the role, Sushant was over the moon. Hirani warned him it’s a small but important role. Sushant said, ‘Doesn’t matter sir, even if you ask me to walk from one side of the frame to the other I’d do it’.”

Apparently Sushant has not charged a single penny for the part.

The source added, “Hirani gave Sushant Rs.20 as the signing amount and asked him what he’d like as his fee. Sushant refused any payment, got the Rs.20 laminated, framed it and hung it on the wall of his living room. That’s the kind of regard Sushant has for Raj Kumar Hirani.”

Sushant’s role in P.K. would be billed as a friendly appearance. “He will be seen at the beginning of the film. His character then disappears and reappears at the end,” said the source.

“Anushka wants her colleagues to stop commenting on her roles. She should follow what she preaches,” the source added.

Sushant Singh Rajput remained unavailable for comment.

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