Raj Kundra Reveals Shocking Details Of Cheating By Ex-Wife Kavita
Raj Kundra Exposes Ex-Wife Kavita Via A Tell-All Interview (Photo Credit: Instagram & no1wiki)

It was just a few days ago when we brought back some past controversies including Raj Kundra and his ex-wife Kavita. The estranged wife had accused Shilpa Shetty Kundra of their broken marriage and the estranged husband had slammed her for the same. Looks like the washing of dirty linen in public wasn’t over yet. Read on for all the details.

Recently, Raj did a tell-all interview where he revealed all that happened during his last marriage. He has accused Kavita of cheating, and that too with his sister’s husband. Yes, you heard that right! Just not that, the entire scenario about how he found out about the betrayal has been narrated.

Raj Kundra in a conversation with Pinkvilla began, “She got paid thousands of pounds to do this interview by News of the World. She sold her soul during our divorce; she had to present her bank statements and it was clearly mentioned she had been paid by the newspaper to sell a so-called scandalous story. She is blaming a celebrity (Shilpa Shetty) for her broken marriage when she herself was the reason the marriage broke down.”

Revealing how he found about her betrayal, Raj Kundra continued, “My sister and her husband moved back to India because things were not comfortable living together in our house. The relationship that my wife and ex-brother-in-law Vansh were sharing, going out for work together meeting and sitting in the same room so often, etc. I guess my sister felt it best to move back. Again I refused to listen to anyone who tried to bring up this topic. I was super excited when I got the news she was pregnant. We had a baby girl and for the first 30 days at home, I started to notice she started spending more and more time in the bathroom evidently extended times from the usual quick 20-30 minutes she would be in the bathroom for hours at end. First I thought this was due to her recent delivery but the truth was something else.”

He continued, “One fine day, I got a call from my sister in India crying that she found a second phone in her husband’s cupboard which had texts from a UK number that spoke about everything from lovey-dovey messages to missing the time they spent and how he is heartbroken that he couldn’t be with her. This raised doubts in my head so one day when Kavita had gone out shopping I started searching for this phone which I finally found in the bathroom hidden in her panty liner box. I turned it on and it was the same phone and number with multiple messages from Vansh they were speaking and texting daily. I recall how heartbroken I was and how I cried and cried thinking about what I had done to deserve this. I called and told my pregnant sister the phone number was Kavita’s second secret phone and that I was going to drop her at her house and that was the end for me she could decide what she wanted to do. She was also heavily pregnant and was very heartbroken.”

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