Bollywood has come out strongly in support of the passage of the Right to Education Act, which will provide legal guarantees for free and compulsory education to children in India. Priyanka Chopra, who was in New Delhi when the Act was passed, said, “It’s a landmark move that ensures that every child, irrespective of his gender or social status, has a right to education. There is much more to be done to ensure that this Act translates into concrete and meaningful steps.”


Actress Dia Mirza said, “A historic Act becomes a reality. Kudos to Kapil Sibal for including the rights of disabled children in the Act.”




  1. Teachers in India belong to the lowest intellect group. Most of the knowledge in this world is unknown to them. To force children to spend some 10 to 15 years under them is a thing that the gods wont forgive. As to the children toiling away in terrible conditions the reasons are elsewhere. One is the fact that in this nation almost all the financial resources are cornered by the government officials. When an ordinary labourer gets around 2 to 4 thousands rupees a month with no pension and such benefits, the government officials gets around 20, 30, 40, 75, 1.25 thousand rupees a month. In UK the pay difference between an ordinary labourer and a professor would not cross 2 times at the most.
    If children in India are going to be forced into schools under stupid teachers, who know nothing other than text book knowledge (that too, their understanding is very weak), within a few years time, the population here would be under skilled in everything.
    What is required is a training that all skills are of equal standards. For example a carpenter's son need not be ashamed and think that his parent is below an engineer or a government official. For that the language of this nation needs refinement. In this nation, the language discriminates, and its show in the physical demeanour of the persons affected.
    As to saving the children from the mean inputs of the teachers, a rule should be made making it a crime to uses lower level words like Nee, Thoo, and connected words to school children by their teachers. If they do so, the children should be given the right to react physically.


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