Priyanka Chopra Stands Up For The Courageous Iran Women, Receives Backlash From Netizens, Here's Why
Priyanka Chopra Receives Backlash For Standing Up With The Iran Protest ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Priyanka Chopra is known for voicing her opinions. She has never shied away to talk about any issue be it her personal life, professional world, or for others. Recently, the global diva was hitting headlines for standing up and adding her voice to the Iranian women’s protest. However, even though a large part of internet users lauded the actress, there were a group of people who brutally bashed her. Read below to find out the reactions!

An excerpt of what Priyanka Chopra had written on her Instagram handle was, “Women in Iran and around the world are standing up and raising their voices, publicly cutting their hair and many other forms of protest for Mahsa Amini, whose young life was taken away so brutally by the Iranian Morality Police for wearing her hijab ‘improperly’. The voices that speak after ages of forced silence, will rightfully burst like a volcano! And they will not and MUST not be stemmed.”



However, ever since she shared her opinion on the matter, Twitteratti has been backlashing Priyanka Chopra for being supportive of Iranian women and staying silent about her own hometown’s problems. One of them tweeted for her alleged ‘activism of convenience’, “@priyankachopra your activism of convenience is pukeworthy. This means nothing when you choose to look away from the plight of hijabi women in India who are denied education for wearing a piece of cloth over their head, harassed by hindutva goons and state. You are a Hypocrite!”

Another one wrote, “Priyanka Chopra comes out in support of everyone except Indians,” while another internet user commented, “It’s totally okay to appreciate and acknowledge Priyanka Chopra speaking up for Iranian women, but at the same time call out the hypocrisy of not speaking about similar plights happening to women suffering in India, especially Indian muslims.”

On the other hand, there are other people as well who supported Priyanka Chopra. For those who don’t know about the incident, a while back, Mahsa Amini who was detained by the morality police in Iran for not covering her hair properly with the Islamic headscarf hijaab, collapsed at the police station. And 3 days later, she died. This set off protests across the country to which the government didn’t respond with proper actions.

What do you think about Priyanka Chopra’s decision of voicing her opinions? Do you think she deserves to receive these flak remarks? Let us know!

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