Preity Zinta At Shirdi

Preity Zinta has been away from the limelight so long that it looks like the shutterbugs missed her a lot. For when the actress went to pay her respects at Shirdi yesterday, she was surrounded by the blinding lights of the paparazzi.

Preity Zinta At Shirdi

A frustrated Zinta vented her anger on, “Went to Shirdi yesterday and came back with memories of media pushing me instead of the serene face & energy of Sai Baba!” Clearly the pushy media did not amuse Preity who hoped for some privacy. But the media weren’t the only culprits. “I wonder why r temples have become so commercial? Why A temple trustee’s urge 2 b photographed with a celebrity is entertained by media?” the dimpled actress continued. Surrounded by the media, Preity tried to hide her face with her dupatta, but the flashbulbs did not stop. Preity, however, refused to oblige the reporters and continued her darshan with her dupatta firmly over her head.

Preity, who has been away from Bollywood for quite some time now, is returning to the small screen as host of the television show ‘Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega’. The actress ended her angry tweets on a spiritual note with, “In the rut to make anything news have we forgotten to respect god and someone’s genuine devotion? I fold my hands to the media & request Dem 2 Respect us & respect GOD! Not every celebrity goes 2 a temple 4 Tamasha! Some genuinely go 2 pray & 2 disturb them then is BAD KARMA!”

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