According to Parmeet Sethi, the debut-making writer and director of this week’s Badmaash Company, he wrote the entire script of the film in six days flat. He was pleasantly surprised when his actress-wife, Archna Pooran Singh, read the script and approved of it in toto. Says Sethi, “My wife is my biggest critic, so I couldn’t believe it when she said, she liked the script. When I asked her if there were corrections needed to be made, she replied that some spellings needed to be corrected!” In fact, so relieved was Parmeet after his wife okayed the script that he took it to Aditya Chopra without so much as even reading it again. And he knew he was on, after the very first meeting with Adi for this script.

Actually, Parmeet had written another script before he wrote Badmaash Company (Making), but that script could not be made into a film due to some reasons. It was after that project was put on hold by Aditya Chopra that the producer asked Parmeet to come up with another script. The actor-turned-writer was disappointed that his first script had had to be kept aside and he couldn’t get himself to work on another subject. “I actually spread the word that I was on the lookout for some acting assignments because I was sure, I wouldn’t be able to pen down another script so soon, and I needed money to run my house. But then, suddenly one day, this idea cropped up in my mind and I almost immediately started working on it. I was ready with the script in six days.”

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