Veteran actor Paresh Rawal is all set to essay the role of late Sunil Dutt in Raju Hirani’s next which is based on the life of actor Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir Kapoor portrays the role of Sanjay Dutt and seeing the trailer the audience is convinced that he has nailed the look.


The role of Sunil Dutt was earlier going to be played by Aamir Khan but he turned down the job and hence we see Paresh Rawal in his shoes. Rawal feels that he was destined to play the role and is super excited.

SANJU: Paresh Rawal says Sanjay Dutt is a friendly guy who was trapped due to his mistakes
Paresh Rawal On Sanjay Dutt: “I Have Seen Him Go Through The Trauma In 1994”

In a candid interview with PTI, he says, “Why sell lies when you are making a biopic? A person should be presented as real and should not be glorified… You can make a biopic on any interesting person but if it’s not written well, then it will not be effective. It is very challenging to show a real-life character without fictionalising it and yet retaining the drama element.”


Talking about playing Sunil Dutt and how difficult it was to play the part, he said, “Unlike Sanjay Dutt, he didn’t have any typical mannerism. He was a normal human being, his core thing was his honesty, his niceness, he was person of principles and believed in truth. As an artiste we had to get that truthfulness right onscreen,”

On Sanjay Dutt, Rawal added, “I have seen him go through the trauma in 1994 because we were shooting together in Mauritius for Mahaanta. He is a lovely guy, all heart, has no malice. He is a friendly, carefree guy but sometimes we do make mistakes and get trapped.”

The wait for the biopic is unbearable now. The movie releases on June 29,2018.




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