Feminism over the last few years has been a big topic of discussion. I am personally a feminist but like many others, I feel bad to see the real meaning and essence being changed. Feminism as we all know means empowering women and to have a society which treats them equal to men. The cause has malfunctioned badly and it has become toxic now.

However, much to my delight I witnessed a character in Mission Mangal recently which I think is a true example of Feminism. Yes, I am talking about Tara Shinde played by Vidya Balan and in the next part of this feature, I’ll go through some personality traits of Tara which will explain why I call her a true feminist and a really strong woman.

[OPINION] 7 Reasons Why Tara Shinde Played By Vidya Balan In Mission Mangal Is A True Face Of Feminism
[OPINION] 7 Reasons Why Tara Shinde Played By Vidya Balan In Mission Mangal Is A True Face Of Feminism


1. Tara is one of the senior-most scientists in ISRO and without a doubt has crazy work-related challenges. While she handles everything at the work like a boss, she doesn’t shy away from managing her home. She is a boss at work and she is a boss at her house as well.

2. Tara’s husband is not as strong as her and is mostly grumpy. But she knows that reacting unnecessarily won’t help her. So she keeps the things at her house cool and believes in responding to the problems rather than reacting.

3. She is responsible enough to accept her mistake even in a situation when she’s not blamed. When the first project fails and everyone blames Rakesh Dhawan, Tara takes no time to reach out to Rakesh and accept her mistake. She even plunges upon the difficult way without being asked because she doesn’t fear taking risks.


4. She dares to present an idea which she knows her seniors and team won’t believe in. And when it happens, she maintains her cool and keeps on trying. That’s a big trait of a strong and professional person and something I personally really adore. In a scene when Rakesh Dhawan is talking with Director of ISRO and Tara wants to speak. She is stopped by Rakesh but the way she tries again and with the passion she speaks is truly worth applauding.

5. She doesn’t stop her son to follow his own religious belief but when she has to tell him something about God, it speaks volumes about her strong personality.

6. In the most difficult and challenging situations, she takes up the challenge to motivate her team. And the way she does it is truly commendable. In a scene where she reminds her team members about their dreams will make you emotional and that’s just because of the heroism of Tara’s character.

7. The way she leads her team to achieve an impossible mission and yet doesn’t have a hint of negative attitude and ego proves that she is truly an enlightened character and that is far important and greater than being intelligent.

And not to forget, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Sonakshi Sinha & Nithya Menen’s characters also had their own strong personality traits. But the character played by Vidya was surely one of the best in recent times. What do you think?

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