He started acting at the age of six, changed his school at 12 because it had theatrics as a subject, enacted the stereotypical Indian in US television shows and then went on to become a sensation with 3 Idiots. Koimoi met Omi Vaidya aka Chatur aka Silencer.

Where are you putting up these days?
I’m staying right here, in Aamchi Mumbai.

You like it here in Bombay?
Very much. But I’m getting used to all the crowds and the hurry. Back in Los Angeles, I’ve led a quiet life.

Have you been mobbed yet?
When alone, I can pass off as a common guy, but when with the other three idiots (Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi), it’s a complete riot. People just want a piece of us.

Have you been offered a lot of films after the phenomenal success of 3 Idiots?
I’ve had many offers coming my way, but most have been clones of Chatur, my character in 3 Idiots. I did an ad recently with director Imtiaz Ali, for IndusInd Bank. That was fun.

What’s your choice of roles?
I’d like to do some fresh roles – including comic ones – that would appeal to the youth. If there’s no such work on my platter, I might even make my own film!

So how’s life been after 3 Idiots?
It’s been great with all the awards and adulation. It’s overwhelming, but for me, it’s a natural progression. Even as child, I liked observing people, mimicking them.

We’ve heard, there’s a camera following you around all the time?
That’s just a bunch of my friends from LA, who thought I would make it big in Bollywood after 3 Idiots and so have been following me around with cameras ever since then.

Where to now?
I’ll be heading back to the US for a month or so. My wife, who’s doing her Ph.D. there, is waiting for me.

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