Actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has lost the battle for the title Thank You when her plea against the film’s producers was denied in court (correction: the injunction has been denied but the suit will continue). Miffed at the ruling, Pooja lashed out at her opponents, “The defeat of truth is stronger than the victory of deceit… Injunction on THANK YOU denied because of delay NOT merit. The argument given by the defense was ‘whoever hits the market first earns the right to a title’. Welcome to a state of official anarchy!”

Pooja had been crying foul over the last few days claiming that the title, ‘Thank You’ belonged to her and not the producers UTV. On their part, UTV had denied any wrongdoing. The actresses’ repeated pleas to the Indian Motion Pictures’ Producers Association (IMPPA) and the Association of Motion Picture and TV Programme Producers (AMPTPP) had fallen on deaf ears, she claims. The Akshay Kumar starrer Thank You is scheduled to release at this Friday (April 8).

No 'Thank You': Pooja Bhatt Loses Title Battle Against Akshay Kumar Starrer (Angry Look Pooja Bhatt)

Pooja Bhatt further lashed out against the defense, “The defense established their authority over the title by first demolishing the very existence of all the associations legally. Which means they established that no association has a legal mandate to authorize or deny a title! Now the real battle begins.. If all our associations are mere figureheads they must shut shop as it means there is total anarchy.”

At the end of her long message, Bhatt also issued a warning to the industry: “To all my esteemed colleagues from the film industry who’ve lost the voice they never had-if this could happen to me, it WILL happen to you.”

Thank You releases this weekend.

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