This month of March may probably go down in box-office history as one of the worst periods for the film industry. For, a number of cinemas have decided to remain shut during the month due to lack of playing programmes. Not just single-screen cinemas but even multiplexes have gone ahead and suspended shows in some screens. While some cineplexes have simply locked a couple of auditoria, others have decided to operate the auditoria on a day-to-day basis depending upon the films being screened and the public attendance. If you still haven’t understood why cinemas are downing shutters, be informed that it is because of the opposition of World Cup cricket matches.

Shagird Movie Poster, Naughty @ 40 Movie Poster

Not only is attendance in cinema houses low when exciting matches are being played but producers are also refraining from releasing their films during this time. The only two star-cast releases of March – Shagird and Naughty @ 40 have been postponed till after the World Cup tournament is over. No wonder, exhibitors all over the country are in a state of panic.

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