Salman Khan’s sentence in jail of 5 years has been suspended by the Mumbai High Court pending appeal. The actor will not go to Jail for now and while his appeal against the lower court’s order is heard by the High Court, he will continue to be out on bail.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan


In 2002, Khan’s Toyota Land Cruiser ran over a group of men sleeping on the pavement in front of a bakery, killing a man and leaving four injured. On 6th May, Additional Sessions Judge DW Deshpande held Salman Khan guilty on all the prosecution’s seven charges, including culpable homicide not amounting to murder, rash and drunken driving and driving without a valid licence, that had sentenced him to five years in prison.

Salman Khan’s appeals are being argued in the High Court by senior lawyers Amit Desai and Shrikant Shivade. Today is the final working day of the High Court, before it begins annual summer vacations till June 8.

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  1. i see comments like had pay Compensation To Victim,he is helpful to ppl.. but that will not give him right to kill someone. the compensation never bring back the man died. money is not everything. what if other criminals start giving compensation for crime they murders or rapes….

  2. This is a reply to Sunny from 2 days ago – If salman khan should be forgiven for killing an innocent person sleeping on the pavement at night and injuring others when he comes along drinking and driving and getting away with it then why did Shah Rukh Khan get banned from being with his cricket team in games apart from where he was given the exception to be there when his team won and for what ? slapping someone on the field? if SLAPPING is WRONG then KILLING A POOR PERSON SLEEPING ROUGH AND INJURING OTHERS IS A SERIOUS CRIME! Just because his films have done well recently and he is being human or whatever DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, HE SHOULD BE SERVING IN PRISON NOW LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WHEN HE’S CONVICTED, SANJAY DUTT IS STILL IN PRISON ISN’T HE FOR THE 1993 INCIDENT??


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