Filmmaker Nikkhil Advani, setting aside buzz of problems around the release of his production Baazaar, says he is on the lookout for the right day for the Saif Ali Khan-starrer to hit the screens.


Advani spoke at a panel discussion on ‘Changing Landscape and Future of Cinema’ at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) when he touched upon the importance of a well-timed release and on getting the communication right.

Just looking for right day for 'Baazaar' release: Nikkhil Advani
Nikkhil Advani Is Looking For The Right Day To Release Saif Ali Khan Starrer Baazaar!

“Do what is right as possible for the film,” Advani said as he pointed out how Yash Raj Films had delayed the release of Hichki in pursuit of a better date.


He said unfortunately, “The first line of communication that goes out is ‘there’s a problem'” — something that has been happening as far as “Baazaar” is concerned.

“We are just looking for the right day. I know Baazaar will always be the No. 2 film. Saif, in the lull that he is going through now post Chef, post Kaalakandi, I know the film that I am making is going to be the No. 2 film, and I can say that from the rooftops.

“This is possibly Saif’s best performance after Omkara, but even when the trailer comes out, you will think, ‘Should I spend a thousand rupees to see this film? I can watch it on Netflix or Amazon or TV when it comes… So should I spend the money?'”

So, Advani stressed on the importance of giving the audience enough incentive to come to the theatre. He said he was in advanced talks with an OTT platform for the film’s release too, but he decided against it.

However, he plans to extend his widely appreciated action spy thriller film D-Day as a web show.




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