Kaalakaandi Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Oberoi, Isha Talwar, Sobhita Dhulipala, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaz, Shivam Patil, Amanda Rosario, Shenaz Treasurywala

Director: Akshat Verma

Kaalakaandi Movie Review
Kaalakaandi Movie Review

What’s Good: Some pretty imaginative moments portraying a drug trip, Saif Ali Khan’s stoning performance & that’s it.

What’s Bad: Purpose & pace! Because the movie has none.

Loo Break: There are few moments in which you cannot take a loo break.

Watch or Not?: If you’re planning to get stoned, you can watch this as any way you’re never going to get it.

User Rating:

So, the story is set in an isolated Mumbai of some parallel universe – where you find the streets vacant at night. Three tracks run at the same time happening within the duration of one random night in the city. It starts with a health-conscious upmarket Rileen (Saif Ali Khan) finding out he’s suffering from a stomach cancer. Vice President of some unnamed bank, Rileen now wants to live the rest of his life doing things he never imagined. So he goes back home to a marriage function of his brother Angad (Akshay Oberoi), where he tries Red Star micro-bot (Acidic drug).

Shobhita Dhulipala who’s moving to the US for further studies has another track with her boyfriend Kunaal Roy Kapur. Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal, the mid-level extortion guys working for a don comprises of the third track in the film. These parallel storylines have no connection with each other and have just one thing in common Kaalakaandi. It’s about all these characters finds themselves in serious troubles during the night and how it ends for them.

Kaalakaandi Movie Review
Kaalakaandi Movie Review

Kaalakaandi Movie Review: Script Analysis

Delhi Belly’s writer Akshat Verma levelled up to direct this one. He also has penned the script for Kaalakaandi and I must say he must be high on the same thing he was writing about. The story could’ve been on the Delhi Belly only if it had some purpose in it. There’s so much happening on screen yet you think why isn’t the story moving forward. I so wanted to like this movie and there are some mind-blowing moments in the film but you can count them on fingers.

Every track has loopholes, every track is boring. When Delhi Belly stands at the top of this genre, Kaalakaandi will settle somewhere in the bottom. Vijay Raaz’s track has unnecessary usage of abuses, and no you can’t play the in-Mumbai-we-talk-like-this card. One best thing about the movie is, the director has got every freedom to do what he wants to. I’m sure we would’ve got this in a GIF format in the presence of Pahlaj Ji (No, that’s not a good thing).

Kaalakaandi Movie Review: Star Performance

Saif Ali Khan is now officially the best actor to do a trippy act. He’s the silver lining of this dark cloud. Without Saif Ali Khan, Kaalakaandi would’ve been worse than what it is now. From this point, he needs to filter out some really good projects because there’s just downhill from now.

Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal are good when they’re not unnecessarily abusing. Walking on a weak path may lead you to a beautiful destination but walking on a destroyed path will only take you down. Performances are decent, the story is not hence everything is pointless.

Kaalakaandi Movie Review: Direction, Music

Akshat Verma, no doubt, could be a good director but this time he has been betrayed by his story idea. He does well directing what he has written but when your first base is weak you can never build a strong structure. Unfortunately, he never makes clear what the story wants to say and ends it on a pretty abrupt note.

Songs by Sameer Uddin and Shashwat Sachdev hardly finds a prominent place in the film. Its best Swagpur Ka Choudhary is used in parts just for a couple of times. Rest of the songs are just there to fill the blankness running in the film. Background score is amazing though, quirky and sets the tone for those few good scenes.

Kaalakaandi Movie Review: The Last Word

Kaalakaandi is just about Saif Ali Khan’s and his amazing performance as a recently turned stoner. Akshat impresses with his wild imagination but unfortunately when a film is bad not the biggest of the superstars can save it.

Two stars!

Kaalakaandi Trailer

Kaalakaandi releases on 12nd January, 2018.

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