Salman Khan’s most anticipated film Mental is expected to be re-titled as Jai Ho. Given the film’s release, which is scheduled for Republic Day 2014, the new title seems more apt as compared to Mental.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan


Another apparent reason for the change in the title might be that since Mental, a remake of 2006 Telugu film called Stalin which was directed by the Ghajini director A.R Murugadoss, is based on glorifying the Indian army and how they toil to make the civilian life peaceful, the makers must have given a second thought to re-title it!

Gossip mongers also suggest that considering the film’s story and its release date, this new title goes well with the theme. However, there has been no confirmed news on this and the change is still not official.

Be it Mental or Jai Ho the Dabangg Khan’s fans will still flock outside cineplexes to watch Salman’s film, after a dry spell of over a year! 

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  1. Rename is as “Kuwanrey Buddhe Ko Pension Na Mila” – it goes well with the struggle of an old (single) guy…who is upset with the system :D


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