National Sports Day: Sports biopics have become a huge part of Bollywood in the recent years. There have been ones about boxers, track athletes and cricketers. Even more are being made as we speak but the norm of these biopics are to use a sportsperson who is known the world over and has gained recognition during their career like Milkha Singh and Mary Kom.

There are millions of other fantastic sportspeople who brought in medals for the country but didn’t reign in on the media mileage even though they deserved it. Here are five such athletes who we think deserved all the praise in the world and the actors who we think would play their character effortlessly.

Anjali Bhagwat- Yami Gautam


The only woman to have won a shooting world cup for India. The ace shooter who went on to winning many medals and broke quite a few records around the world for her shooting skills is also a two time Olympian. She has been at the forefront for promoting girls to get into sports and especially shooting. The story of Anjali deserves to be on celluloid because she has broken many stereotypes along with her records. We think Yami Gautam would ace this role because of their similar sunny dispositions

Devendra Jhajharia- Ranveer Singh


This Paralympic athlete has not only won a gold medal for Javelin throw in the 2004 Olympics but is also the first differently abled player to win a PadmaShree from the Indian government. He also won a gold for India at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. We believe Ranveer Singh would play the athlete and do justice to his story without hurting any sentiments. Hope we get to see this come true!!

Dronavalli Harika – Kangana Ranaut

When one thinks of chess the only person that comes to mind is Vishwanathan Anand. Audiences never go beyond the international winner but one young girl has been blazing through the chess circuit both in India and internationally. At 27, Harika is already a grand-master and has won three international Women’s chess championships. She is an Arjuna Awardee and is currently World No.5 in the women’s chess circuit. Her story needs to be told for audiences to realize that chess isn’t just a board game one plays, it is lifechanging for many young girls who take keen interest in the sport. Kangana Ranaut in a deglamourized role about one of India’s youngest chess player is something we believe audiences would throng to watch.

Tejinder Pal Singh Toor- Abhishek Bachchan

Currently, Tejinder Pal Singh Toor is making some waves for winning the shotput gold at the Asia Games. But even though he is a gold winner not everyone knows that this Shot Putter also broke the Asian games record and India’s record for a shot put throw that was 20.75metres. This strappy young lad from Punjab has a different story where his father dragged him from cricket coaching and forced him into shot put. We think Abhishek Bachchan would be perfect to tell this young man’s story. Wouldn’t you agree!

Yousuf Khan- Farhan Akhtar

With FIFA that was just around the corner, many Indian fans were disappointed that their country hadn’t qualified for the world cup. But that wasn’t always the case, India not only went to the Olympics with a football team in 1960 but also won the gold medal at the 1962 Asian Games after beating South Korea. Yousuf Khan was the player that got them that medal. The sports star passed away many years ago but it is a story one needs to see and Farhan Akhtar seems like the right guy for this role. Because he is great with biopics, is a dedicated actor and is also a football player himself.



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