Nagma: "Kangana Ranaut Is Ruining The Name Of Maharashtra & Mumbai"
Nagma: “Kangana Ranaut Is Ruining The Name Of Maharashtra & Mumbai”(Pic credit – Kangana Ranaut/ Instagram; Nagma/Twitter)

Kangana Ranaut has been breaking the internet and how. The actress has invited a lot of trouble for her after her Pok comment. She has been at loggerheads with Shiv Sena since then. Alo many actors have been talking against her and her statement against Mumbai. One such name is that of actress-politician Nagma, who feels Kangana is ruining the name of Maharashtra and Mumbai.

“KanganaRanaut is ruining the name of Maharashtra Mumbai. Is instrumental in Spoiling the name of Mumbai #Maharashtra worldwide. She is bringing a bad name to entire Bollywood. She first started with Nepotism then Insider Versus Outsider then calls Mumbai Maha POK unacceptable,” Nagma tweeted from her verified account on Tuesday evening.

Nagma’s reaction comes after Kangana Ranaut’s recent social media posts targeted Mumbai and its police force. For the past few days, actress-turned-Congress politician Nagma has been taking jibes at Kangana Ranaut on Twitter.

On Monday, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) granted ‘Y’ category security to Kangana ahead of her return to Mumbai from her hometown in Himachal Pradesh, in light of her recent spat with Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut.

Soon after news reports emerged announcing the same, Nagma tweeted: “PM is wasting taxpayers money as he pleases nw he gives ‘Y’ Security to KanganaRanaut as she Spks Language suitable to his party &him but spks against Maha Mumbai she has got her fame frm Bollywood today she bad mouths Bollywood & Mumbai a state city which has given her everything!”

In three more tweets posted later in the day, Nagma expressed: “Chronologically KanganaRanaut is systematically passing all kinds of remarks to a state she has done nothing for the country except burnt all her briges wth whole of Bollywood nw she is politicallyattacking a govt of a state, calls names to the state insults a state gets Y Security.”

“KanganaRanaut was instrumental in derailing Mumbaipolice entire SSR investigation wasting its time by forcing it into another direction of Nepotism, Insiders verses outsiders, only to settle her own personal scores in Bollywood, thn she says Maha is like PoK to her. WasWas she correct.”

“Many hv cme frm various states & worked hard for themselves and made a name for themselves but they don’t bad mouth an entire state and city which gv her everything . She says she’s speaking out , but spking out , wht information did she gv to anyone accept her derailing mum police.”

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