Akshay Kumar might come from a very non-filmy background but he is married into one of elitist families. Married to Twinkle, daughter of yesteryear superstar Rajesh Khanna and diva Dimple Kapadia, Akshay in an interview to Koimoi admitted that he can never attain his father in law’s stature, fan following and stardom.

Putting it in a humorous tone, the actor said, “According to my wife, I can never reach Rajesh Khanna’s Stardom. To a daughter, her father is always bigger and her husband never stands a chance infront of Daddy. I don’t think I can reach there and hence I am not in a spot to compare myself either.”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna at an event
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna at an event


Married to Twinkle Khanna for over a decade now, since 2001, the duo are blessed with two children. While Akshay’s stardom is on a high despite the underwhelming box office performances of his last few films, the actor has in his kitty Neeraj Pandey’s Baby and Karan Malhotra’s Brothers. Speaking of the co-actors he admires a lot, Akshay said, “I like Hrithik and Salman a lot. I admire their work.”

Akshay is all set to star in The Shaukeens in a glorified cameo alongside the bombshell actress Lisa Haydon.

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  1. I was eleven when i saw baharonke sapne. The young man was full of anger. he was exceptional. then came all the others. he became the phenomenon.I am a fan and have closely watched his career. I am stunned by this dogged persistance of the media to believe he had a great ‘downfall’ . what downfall? he had 90% hits from 1969-75 . after that it was a bad phase in 76-78 and after Amardeep in 1978 it was a 50-50 track record of hits and flops every yr – except 1983 which was all hits – until swarg in 1989 . then he turned away from films/retired from films and became a politician.Can u name any other star apart from amitabh with such a track record? you say he was forgotten- He was out of films from 89 so what do u expect? he was retired. he wanted peace,solitude,get away from it all for many yrs. That was his choice. no one from the film industry or his still active millions of fans will ever say he was a dark star or forgotten. they will say they dont understand why he walked away . Amitabh and Rishi have gone on record saying this. many A list producers approached him and were turned away by him.he was a king who lived life on his terms to the end. and this non sense about his driving a small car and smoking goldflakes is just that- nonsense. maybe he ran out of ciggies on that day and hopped into one of his smaller fleet of cars on a whim. Rumi should have taken a peek at his garage to see his fleet of cars. the media is bent on making him a tragic figure instead of celebrating his success. he was a flawed man with a tragic personal life but not a failure. he had zero failures for 6 yrs and a mix of hits and flops from 78-89 and thats it. but its a fact that no one- apart from amitabh- can approach anywhere near his record .Pl get the facts right and write about his successes post 78 also .thanks


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