MNS Chief Raj Thackeray is otherwise a good friend to Salman Khan but thanks to Yakub Memon issue, Raj seems to have been a little miffed. While Salman tweeted in favour of Yakub and questioned the hanging on Twitter, at a recent party gathering, Raj raised this issue.

Raj Thackeray and Salman Khan
Raj Thackeray and Salman Khan


According to a popular news daily, the firebrand leader called Salman a man without brains, who does not read newspapers and does not know the law and hence tweeted things about the hanging without knowledge. He even mentioned that Salman’s father, Salim Khan is a respectable man for his stand on Salman’s tweets.

Later, the leader addressed other issues but well, calling Salman having no brains is a bold move. We can’t wait to see how Salman reacts to this.




  1. is anybody can ask that raj thackeray has brain.he has political sense.Raj is a man who love to create violence.salman is a man who connect raj u are nothing infront of salman khan.

  2. When the party’s stand was sought on the issue, city unit Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said he did not want to go into the merit of the issue since it was not clear whether Thackeray had any political intention behind his visit.


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