While we are all pepped up for the new installment of X-Men series, ‘X Men: Days Of Future Past ‘ which releases this May, to kill the wait, we decided to compare Bollywood actors who could give these X-Men characters a run for their money. Looking uncannily similar and not short on potential, the Bollywood-ised version of X-Men with these actors will look like a spitting image of the original.


Check out What Bollywood’s X-Men could be like:

1) Logan/ Wolverine : Hrithik Roshan

That Awkward Moment When Krrish Slips In As Wolverine!

2) Professor X : Kulbhushan Kharbanda

Professor X Nahi Isey ‘Shakaal’ Kehte Hai…

3) Magneto : Shashi Kapoor

Agar Magneto Ke Paas Magnetic Shakti Hai Toh Mere Paas ‘Maa’ Hai!

4) Mystique : Rakhi Sawant

Only A Bollywood ‘Mystique’ Can Take This Form

5) Storm : Nina Manuel

Stormy Girls Here!

6) Beast :

That’s How A Bollywood Beast Would Look Like!

7) Rogue: Zarine Khan

And That’s A Innocent ‘Newbie’ Mutant !

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