Gali Guleiyan has released and seen all around positive response coming its way, as far as critical acclaim is concerned. While the film has been hailed for its unique storyline and the way it has been narrated by first time director Dipesh Jain, what has been particularly notable is the appreciation that is coming Manoj Bajpayee’s way.

“While he has enjoyed commercial success with films like Satyameva Jayate and Baaghi 2 where he played a parallel hero and a central villain respectively, Gali Guleiyan took him to a world where he got his realistic acting talent on display,” comments an observer, “He totally seeped into the character of this lower middle class man who is trapped in the lanes and by-lanes of old Delhi. It was a tough role to play but he has done that with aplomb.”

Manoj Bajpayee ecstatic with all around appreciation for Gali Guleiyan
Manoj Bajpayee Ecstatic With All Around Appreciation For Gali Guleiyan


No wonder, the actor is being hailed for his bravura act and he is thriller too with all the accolades coming his way.


“The film did take a toll on him, both physically as well as mentally,” a source close to the actor adds, “He had to lose a lot of weight for the part since he had to appear broken and under nourished. He also had to carry a rugged appearance right through the film and that required him to physically transform into a sad middle-aged man. On the other hand there was quite some psychological turmoil too that he went through during the film’s making. He plays a schizophrenic person and that meant bringing on different personalities one frame after another. He had to be sad, confused and lost for most part of the film.”

Though as an actor Manoj has done over 70 films during last 25 odd years, Gali Guleiyan stays on to be one of his most remarkable acts in a long time.

“Film after film, Manoj has tried to do something different. He has displayed extreme mental conditions in films like Satya, Kaun, Aks, Road, Acid Factory, Lanka and Aligarh amongst others before as well. However, Gali Guleiyan indeed took a toll on him. As a matter of fact he was happy when the film’s shooting was through as he could get back to his normal life,” the source continues.

Well, with the kind of laurels coming his way, one can well expect him to be happier today!

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