It’s not just a project. It’s a revolution. The biggest, best film directors of India bring the magic of the large screen into your computer and mobile. No compromises. No short cuts. The largest blockbusters. In a jiffy!

Anurag Kashyap. Sudhir Mishra. Chakri Toleti. The 3 directors will be creating magic through their short films they make for

They promise to give music, drama and excitement of a full length feature film, in a short. The films will be treated like a normal feature film. With theatrical and promo releases, music release and then the final premiere.

Unlike other short film projects, Large Short Films will be a continuous project and will not end with just a few short films. Apart from blogs, trivia, quizzes and short film contests, there is one feature of Large Short Films which will revolutionise  films by the end of the year.

12.12.12 will be India’s red letter day in Indian cinema when they will release India’s first and Largest Collaborative Feature Film. 12 directors from 12 different cities will make 12 short films of 10 minutes each. We will then join them to make ONE 120 minute feature film which will be released on 12.12.12.

Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap
Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap

Quotes from the directors:

Chakri Toleti on technology:

I shot my recent film with RED EPIC camera, being the first Indian production filmed with it. So, I think yes technology definitely helps filmmaker to work smoothly. Technology will definitely add value to story-telling. The new camera will obviously save our time and accessibility to new ideas will get faster. We never had this kind of accessibility in 1994 in Florida. But now when I go back to school, they have those things with which they can make a feature film. Things are changing. I am getting to watch more good short films on the internet, youtube etc. The Pixar is coming up with great short films. I am hoping to get to see more in future with this Fest.

Chakri Toleti on piracy:

There is less scope for monetize or make money on the internet for all the budding or amateur filmmakers who actually want to make money out of it. It’s become a total loss to the entertainment industry because of piracy. The pirated content is earning in billions of dollars worldwide and a lot in India. When my film released it was online within two days. Later it was on youtube in fact not even within two days but the film got released. Probably they shot on the first day first show. And this is not going to stop unless filmmakers come together and do something about it.

Anurag Kashyap on ‘What a feature film cannot do but a short film can:

A short film is a larger icon than a feature film. It doesn’t have the tactics of the market. Basically, I don’t have to worry about what the critics has to say and what my film will earn.

Sudhir Mishra on ‘What a feature film cannot do but a short film can:

As Anurag said, you are not worried conventionally whether a short film will do wonders at box-office or not. In a short film it’s a task for the filmmaker to encapsulate the moment. Here, you are forced to react in that short span of time. So, your brain gets activated and you start thinking more on it.

Anurag Kashyap on ‘Short Films v/s Feature Films’: 

Short films are more interesting than a feature film according to me because, now- a- days it gets connected to you very easily. You can even watch them on your phone, youtube, laptop in your daily chores.

Sudhir Mishra on ‘Short Films v/s Feature Films’: 

To make a short film is far more difficult than to make a feature film. Because it’s a really difficult task to incorporate all the aspects in that span of a time.

Anurag Kashyap on 12.12.12:

There will be 12 short films made by 12 filmmakers who don’t meet each other and will be telling one story. The whole idea of 12.12.12 is one filmmaker starts it off, he makes one film, leaves it at one point. Another filmmaker picks it up takes the story forward and leaves it again. By this time, the first filmmaker does not know where the other film ends where.  12 directors from 12 different cities will make 12 short films of 10 minutes each. We will join them to make one 120 minutes feature film. Now, we don’t know from where we going to start, how will we join. Even that person who will be doing the short film will have no idea from where his film will start or end. Well, that’s the task actually. And I am looking forward to seeing it happen.

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