Some trivia from the forthcoming Bollywood film, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, starring the gorgeous Katrina ‘Sheila’ Kaif, the Delhi Belly star Imran Khan and Pakistani rockstar Ali Zafar.

Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie Stills)
Claptrap Slap: Katrina had to slap Imran in a very crucial scene!

In a very important scene, Katrina had to slap Imran. Imran insisted that Katrina must genuinely slap him to make the scene look real. In the pursuit of the perfect take, Imran got slapped a dozen times and was left with a puffy red cheek. At the end of it all Katrina very sweetly got him a box of chocolates as she felt responseble. Helped to sweeten the pain…

Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie Stills)
Chal chal chal mere saathi! Katrina and Imran take a ride during the making of MBKD.

Imran learned to ride a scooter for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan so it was a real balancing act for him as a first time scooter driver to have Katrina beside him doing crazy things as her brief was to distract Imran while he rode!

Ali Zafar, Katrina Kaif (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie Stills)
Tu mere

Pakistani actor Ali Zafar, who plays a crucial role in the film, actually taught Katrina to play the guitar while shooting. And going by the pictures, it is evident that the duo had a fun time!

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