Know what was Imran Khan’s favourite pastime on the sets of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan? Kicking Katrina Kaif!

Imran Khan's Kicks For Katrina Kaif! (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie Stills)


Believe it or not but the actor used to kick the actress whenever he felt like – which was quite often. Recalling the kicking incidents, Imran smiles wickedly, “There’s something about Katrina which would make me want to kick her whenever I saw her on the sets.” And what was Katrina’s reaction to Imran’s leg talk? Well, she wouldn’t spare him, either. She’d kick him back! Kickbacks, anyone? Or, let’s says, one good kick deserves another!

The ‘Mere’ In Mere Brother Ki Dulahn!

And while on Imran Khan, how does he describe his character in Aditya Chopra’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan? Since Katrina plays the dulhan and Ali Zafar, Imran’s brother in the film, Imran prefers to refer to his character as ‘Mere’. Says he, “I play Mere in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.”



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