She makes heads turn wherever she goes. Extremely beautiful and very talented, she is also surprisingly childish. If she doesn’t like what you have said, she sulks like a child. But to be frank and to be fair to her, she makes up very fast and says, “Yaar main aisi hoon, main bacchi hoon!”

Hi Kareena. Welcome to ETC Bollywood Business. Do you remember why I am mentioning the above incident?
Hi Komal. Yes, I think this happened after the release of one of my films…

Yes. CHAMELI had just released and I had liked your performance in the film, but not the film itself. You had got really angry. But then you said, “Komal what to do, I am a child”!
That is true. And especially because you have known me for years since I was really a child. That’s why I have a right to say that…

Does that child-like streak still exist inside you?
Yes. Every actor has it. It is good for your performances and it is also for your inner self to not take this stardom very seriously and still enjoy the childishness.

Kareena Kapoor

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But how can you ignore the stardom when you are surrounded by the media? And with the fans going crazy: they want to touch you and take pictures with you all the time? How do you keep your balance?
For me it’s very easy because I come from a film family. I have seen all this in the past with Karishma and also my parents. So obviously, for me it’s a little more acceptable. And of course, we work for our fans to do that. If the media and the fans are not interested in you, then there is a problem. It is great to have fans. But, of course, there has to be a line drawn. So, I kind of switch off after work hours and know that I have a family life too.

Kareena you are among the rare breed of actors who want an honest review from the audience; you value honesty more than sugar-coated talk.
I think I have always been like that because I am a very honest person. If I see a film and I don’t like it or I like it, I would voice my opinion as it is.

But do you get a chance to be honest in this industry?
I think, I can at least tell my friends the truth…

Are there any true friends in this industry?
I have a few friends whom I like talking to. People I work with. I love working with Shah Rukh, Aamir, Karan, Ajay, Tusshar… I enjoy the company of these people. So, I expect that they respect my honesty because I could be honest and share my thoughts with them.

Do you ever have to resort to hypocrisy? Because in this industry, you can’t be honest all the time…
The fact is that over the years I have learnt to balance the whole diplomacy bit. I learnt that from Karishma, because initially I was very blunt while talking. As time went by, Karishma used to tell me, ‘You have to change, you have to change’. So I said, ‘Let’s not change completely, but balance it out.’ That is what I have done.

Don’t you feel suffocated sometimes, because the honest have a problem in lying? Doesn’t it show on your face?
I am a good actress.


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