Do you ever feel that even beyond your shooting hours, you are still acting?
Not really because I don’t go out too much to the film party or dinners. I spent time with family, and like to be with my kind of people, in my own cocoon.

So how are you playing the role of an aunt to Kasishma’s kids?
I am loving it because both Samiara and Kian love me like anything. I actually wait for even an hour of free time to go and visit them.

Samiara must be understanding that her aunt is a big star…
Yes. Recently I gifted her a laptop and she said, ‘Oh. I saw it on TV.’ She’s very proud of dancing on my songs, putting on make-up, etc.

Does she has it in her to become a heroine?
O God! She is gorgeous; she is stunning! I have a feeling, of course – that she will join Bollywood at some point in time – but right now she is more academically inclined, which is quite unlike the Kapoors. So let her enjoy her academic life also. She’s very bright and loves reading; very unlike Karishma, who just wanted to always joins films…

Stop talking about Karishma, let’s talk about you. How good a student were you?
Oh God! Please… I wasn’t actually that bad. I enjoyed studying a little bit. But, of course, by the time I was 18 years old, I realized that this is something I don’t want to do. Instead I wanted to dance around trees and enjoy!

Kareena Kapoor

Do you regret not completing your education; not becoming a graduate?
Not really. I don’t regret it. Although, sometimes I wish that I had studied a little more or focused more on the education part of it when I was younger. I also wish I read a little more, because I really envy Saif so much because he reads such distinct books about religion, military history and the like. I feel that I also should have gotten into the practice of reading since I was a kid. But since that didn’t happen , that’s the only thing I regret. But beyond that I love  what I do.

Talking of Saif, what is your relation with his two kids?
We are more like friends than anything else. I think they have a wonderful mother and when they come home I am there as their friend. Besides, Lolo’s kids are really like kids, while Saif’s kids are almost adults. In fact, Saif’s daughter is gorgeously stunning. We are waiting for her now to enter the silver screen. She has the best of both her parents. Although she very good at studies too and wants to be like a doctor or an engineer right now.

You are the solo heroine in GOLMAAL 3 among a ensemble of male actors. Does that make you the another hero, especially given the fact that you have mouthed four-lettered words?
Actually when I was in talks with Rohit for the film, I told him “I am doing this film; I want to have a killer role, and I must be…”


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