She is a no-nonsense serious cop who means business. He is her junior, and a charmer no less with an over confident appeal to him. Together, they solve cases that seem impossible to be cracked. And then there is a backstory that keeps the narrative together between all episodes.

Sounds familiar? Well, of course, as Simon Baker and Robin Tunney pretty much played these parts in American crime investigation series The Mentalist which has enjoyed a really great run over the years not just in the West but now even in India. The only difference between The Mentalist and Ekta Kapoor’s Boss is that the leading man here, Karan Singh Grover uses his body as well in addition to his mind, while solving cases even as the lady cop Sagarika Ghatge reacts to all of it quite exasperatingly while also admiring his special skills.

Karan Singh Grover and Sagarika Ghatge’s Boss hints of being India’s own desi The Mentalist
Karan Singh Grover & Sagarika Ghatge’s Boss Hints Of Being India’s Own Desi The Mentalist


Of course when it comes to these special skills, Karan’s character knows how to get them to best use and that also means sleeping with anyone who is around in a skirt. Now that actually becomes blatantly below the belt at many places, pun intended, but then if one looks at the target audience at which Boss is aimed at, it also makes sense. After all, the idea behind the series is clearly not to impress the classes but the masses and in that aspect several on-your-face sex scenes are inserted for titillation purpose.

While that’s definitely one of the selling points that director Ankush Bhatt has for this 10 part series, each of which lasts 20-30 minutes, at the core of it there is a riveting tale that plays which ends up succeeding really well as a strong narrative peg. It is established loud and clear that Karan is an imposter who is basically a scam artist doubling up as a cop. On the other hand Sagarika too has a past to talk about which becomes important during the middle of the series. In addition, there is a kidnapping, revenge element and murder which take place alternatively which keep matters engaging for Boss.


In a way, the series could well stand for Love, Sex aur Dhoka, that memorable film from Ekta Kapoor, as these are some of the core elements that result in several crimes of passion that take place one episode after another. What impresses most though here is not just the narrative, which becomes alternatively stylish and at places tacky too, but also the performances. Karan indeed leads the pack here as other than turning out to be body beautiful and all brawny, he is also very impressive when it comes to humour. You are actually surprised by his comic timing.

As for Sagarika, she has been a capable actress and it is actually fun to see her disgust and admiration for Karan’s character that she brings in the wrapping of sarcasm. She indeed manages to carry the part of a cop really well.

The series too works as a whole and that’s because of the several plot twists, and most importantly the mix of humour quotient, suspense and thrill elements that make it entertaining.

This one is for the masses.

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