Before Gurinder Chadha started It’s A Wonderful Afterlife, she gave her script to Karan Johar to read. The writer-director wanted his opinion on whether the comedy in the script was working or not. Had Karan rejected the script, Gurinder may probably not have made the film. But luckily for the lady, nothing of the sort happened. “Karan simply loved the script,” revealed an elated Gurinder, adding, “He told me, I must make the film.” As luck would have it, Karan was also one of the first trade persons to see the film which opened on 23rd April in the UK. He watched it at a cinema in London where he flew earlier this week on the same day that Chadha flew from London to India. “We probably crossed each other’s paths in the sky,” remarked Gurinder whose film and its dubbed Hindi version, Hai Marjawaan!, are due for release next week.

Incidentally, the title Hai Marjawaan! for the Hindi version was suggested by The Indian Film Company, the India distributors of the comedy.

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