Star comedian Kapil Sharma, who is returning to the small screen with “The Kapil Sharma Show”, will provide live laughter therapy as part of a stress elimination programme, to be held here later this month.

The programme, to be held on March 27 at Leisure Valley in Gurgaon, is conceptualised by Human Science, an initiative founded by Ranveer Singh Chandela to conduct stress relieving sessions based on breathing techniques in educational institutions, corporate houses for general public and professionals.


Kapil is happy to be associated with the initiative and is looking forward to doing what he’s best at — spreading laughter.

“Stress makes life heavy and meaningless, I’m happy that Human Science will be serving or helping people to get rid of it,” Kapil said in statement.

Chandela added: “This programme will not only have laughter therapy with Kapil Sharma, but will also include the world’s first reformation technique, which will make your mind stress free. Also, this programme will include cultural music and dance performances.”

Meanwhile, Kapil is most excited about returning with his brand of comedy on Indian television with his squad, including Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar.



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