Kanchan Awasthi about her upcoming web series movie and lockdown paintings
Kanchan Awasthi Gets Candid About Her Movies, Web Series & Lockdown Paintings

Due to the world-wide pandemic Coronavirus, the suicide and depression of many film and TV actors in Bollywood has been in the news since the last few days. It is a very sad situation for the new generation as these young artists are the role models for them. But many artists are not only busy with their commercial work in this lockdown, but also putting their artistic aspects in front of the world. The young talent Kanchan Awasthi had utilised this lockdown to up skill her artistic side. She had completed the dubbing of two of her feature films as well as reading the scripts of four films. Her latest painting The Hidden Story is also getting praise.

In an exclusive interview with Kanchan Awasthi, she said that although lockdown is a challenging time she had used it as a creative time. “I stayed in Mumbai till June, meanwhile, reading scripts for the films and understanding the characters with the writer-director through the video call. Now as the shooting will be planned the preproduction will be easy.”



Kanchan Awasthi further said, “I am very fond of paintings and sketches. Due to the continuous shoots, promotions, there was no time for this for the last several years. This lockdown was a much-needed break to explore the part of us which was lagged behind. In this lockdown, I lifted the brush once again and made some sketches and paintings. I have made a very special painting The Hidden Story which is very close to me. From my days of theatre to TV and big screen, I felt something and tried to say through this painting. My family, friends as well as friends from the film industry have praised this painting very much. I had also made sketches of Lord Ganesha.”

Now-a-days, Kanchan Awasthi is at her hometown Lucknow during the festive season. She is not only enjoying the pleasant season of monsoon but also spending a very happy time with her family. Kanchan says “On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan she used to visit her family but never got to stay for more than 2 days but now due to the current situation she is enjoying many festivals like Nagpanchami, celebrating Kajri and Janamashtami. She further said she has been very much associated with these festivals in childhood and this time all her childhood memories are revived.

Kanchan Awasthi has appeared in films like Ankur Arora Murder Case, Meeruthiya Gangster, Chapekar Brothers, Bhutwali Love Story, Gunwali Dulhania in previous years and also got praised for her performance in Zee TV’s popular show Amma.

Kanchan Awasthi, who has played a successful role in nearly a dozen great dramas and played an important role in four Hindi films, will now be seen in director Avinash Das’s web series Runway Lugai with Sanjay Mishra in the lead role. Kanchan’s upcoming film Love Hackers is also all set to release. Director Mayank Srivastava’s film Love Hackers will feature Priya Prakash Warrier, Pawan Malhotra and Bijender Kala along with Kanchan Awasthi.

Kanchan Awasthi’s web series Runway Lugai is due to be released soon. She said “I am playing a very simple girl Maina in the series, The story is set on the background of Bihar and my character has rural touch, which may surprise you with the changing story. So I find both this story and the character very real, as well as Maina is a very different girl.”

Kanchan Awasthi says that life is not easy nor life is difficult, most important is to be happy, do everything that gives you enthusiasm and happiness. The identity of a film artist is huge, your friends, your co-workers (calling) and your family love you very much, so spend life with them with full energy and happiness. No matter how difficult it is, this too shall pass. Every dark night brings a golden sunlight which will brighten up everything. Always give a new flight to your creative spirits even in this dark night.

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