The #MeToo movement initiated by Tanushree Dutta has taken the Bollywood by storm. With big names like Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Rajat Kapoor alleged for sexual harassment, the movement is currently the hot topic for debate. Recently, a renowned singer Kailash Kher was accused by a girl on Twitter, exposing his misogynistic mindset.

Girl named Simran Soni, who used to be Kher’s fan, took the #MeToo movement forward by sharing her story on Twitter. Simran said that she was a huge fan and follower of Kailash Kher during college days and wrote few tweets to him, complimenting the songs. To her shock, the ace singer followed and messaged her on Twitter and also asked for contact number. Rejoiced fan girl, gave her number and conversation started between them. But something unusual happened which exposed singer’s dirty side. She said that Kailash Kher sent flirtatious messages to her, and termed him as a predator and creep.

"Kailash Kher Said To Me Tum Meri Pagli Ho, Meri Jogi Ho": A Fan Comes Up With Another #MeToo Story
“Kailash Kher Said To Me Tum Meri Pagli Ho, Meri Jogi Ho”: A Fan Comes Up With Another #MeToo Story

She bashed at Kailash Kher in a series of tweets expressing her grief about the incident and further requested all to speak-up against the exploitation.

Here’s exactly what she tweeted:

“Here I write my #MeToo story- and I name Kailash Kher. Guess what his profile bio says- Adiyal bairagi hu, ziddi anuragi hu. How poetic right? I will show you what it means- “I am a stubborn recluse, a stubborn lover” I wish I knew what this meant much earlier!”

“what followed completely destroyed the ideal KK. He is a predator. he write things poetically. things like – ‘tum meri pagli ho. Drown in my love. Tum meri jogi ho. Mirror me dekho mai dikhunga tumhe. Touching every part of your soul.’ It was here when I realised what he is.”

“I was shocked that a man with such a cute family, a small little kid, could behave in such a way. Wanted to tell this to Sheetal (wife) since long and I did it yesterday. Dear country, the men you look up to aren’t as godly as they seem. They don’t deserve the love and respect.”

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