Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

Many have argued that Hrithik is wasting himself in flimsy films like Bang Bang when he has the potential of a Jodhaa Akbar. In an earlier interview, Hrithik had told us how high he holds versatility which is a tool that comes with being a Superstar. He hasn’t quite broken his Dhoom 2 image, just furthered it and that’s all what Hrithik had set out to achieve.

After the film crossed 100 crores, Koimoi caught up with Hrithik for a candid talk and the actor said he is satisfied with the response. It was exactly what he had hoped for. Roshan elucidates, “Every film has a goal and the goal of Bang Bang was set. I wanted to give my fans something they have been asking me all along. They have been requesting me for something like this. They wanted to see me dance, see me do cool action like Dhoom 2. When Sid gave me this, I knew this was my chance of doing all of it in the same project.”

Continuing with the same Hrithik said, “In Agneepath I did not dance. In Akbar I did not dance. Those were films that make you feel thrilled about playing a character based role which talks about the magnificent journeys of enigmatic people. But Bang Bang, Krrish 3 are entertainers. I have done that very few times in my life. The first was Kaho No Pyaar Hai that earned me different kind of adulation. The same happened after Dhoom 2. It catapulted me to another world of adulation. Even after Bang Bang it happened again. The adulation was another level of different. After Guzaarish, Agneepath, I got a lot of respect. But when I do a Dhoom 2 or Bang Bang, it is the frenzy that is surpasses respect. Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Bang Bang and Dhoom 2 gave me oohs and aahs and screams and that makes me very happy. I have pleased different section of the audience in a different way.”

The criticisms were far too many but when asked what was his favorite compliment, Hrithik signed off with, “My kids thought Bang Bang was the best film I have ever done​. They sat through the whole film despite watching a late night show and were so thrilled about it.”

Well Hrithik’s fans are echoing the same view and the ladies can’t help control ogling at his smoldering looks.

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