After watching Kabir Singh I can surely say that I believe in love at first instance. Oh! that old school or college romance. I was eagerly waiting for the most anticipated film of 2019 starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, and I can tell you after watching the second day show I felt as if all my broken pieces can be mended together by a boy, who is not a rebel without a cause. The movie has been facing a lot of backlashes by feminists, netizens who are terming it labels as toxic masculinity, misogyny, sexism, showing off concepts on substance, drug abuse, inflating the male ego and of supporting patriarchy.


But I’ve another opinion. An opinion which does not make flags of backlashes but throwing a softer light on what we have been missing out. I don’t see the violence but the blooming true romance of the protagonists. Let’s know that the movie has been the talk of the town as it paints it red due to the stellar performances of the actors in this film. Check out these rays of hopes about why every Preeti needs a Kabir Singh and vice versa.

A Woman’s Ode , Perspective To Why You Should Watch Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh: A Woman’s Ode – Perspective To Why You Should Watch This Shahid Kapoor Starrer

1) The movie does not glorify self-destructive attitude

The film clearly narrates to us the tale of an aggressive surgeon Shahid Kapoor who’s gone through an intense heartbreak, after his love interest Preeti ( Kiara Advani) gets married to someone else. The movie does not even promote you to get into a “dard tumhara badan pei mere, zeher ki tarah utar raha hai”. What grief does to a man after an innocent heartbreak let’s have a vision on those lines.

2) Kabir is the kind of guy, whose rock-bottom naive support will always be there for you


Even when destiny chose to separate the path of Kabir and Preeti, Kabir could never forget Preeti. Who would not like to be kissed under the night sky? Kabir’s relation with Preeti comes above the terms of societies definition. He is judged as a bad and a rowdy man but hey! he is not. His love for Preeti is in his madness. Even when the whole world abandons Preeti, Kabir stands by her loneliness in every storm and sunshine. Kabir is there for Preeti like the blink of her eyes. She could not imagine that her college love would be there for her forever. Kabir could never be happy without Preeti and always had a cover up with drugs and alcohol. His rebel had a softer side to his world of Preeti.

3) It’s about love at first sight and staying loyal to it

Preeti is the way of sunshine for whom you can fight with the world. Every man would like to be her prince charming because she was an innocent flower. She cries for her “Sohneya” innocently when Kabir goes to Mussoorie for his Masters In Orthopaedics. Preeti will make you burn off your ego, no matter how high it is. Remember how when her father tried to their marriage apart Kabir’s ego goes till 10 feet. Post her marriage, Kabir’s ego remains, but when he sees her all his anger melts. He can’t see his love in pain. Preeti makes Kabir face the world and not run away from what he actually feels. Preeti has a big heart and forgives all the mistakes made by Kabir in his fit of sadness and anger. True love or any long distance relation conquers all boundaries and relations.

4) Kabir Singh is a remake of Arjun Reddy

Apparently, Kabir Singh was semi-inspired by Sandeep Reddy Vangas life as a physiotherapy student. He wanted to make an unusual love story where the lead character has a “specific way” of looking at a girl and expressing his emotions. The director said he grew up watching the mainstream Bollywood films of the ’90s.

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