Koimoi.com lists down 10 interesting facts about the R.Madhavan-Bipasha Basu starrer, Jodi Breakers. Read on…

Bipasha Basu, R. Madhavan Jodi Breakers Movie Poster
Bipasha Basu, R. Madhavan Jodi Breakers Movie Poster

Not A Remake

The producers of French film Heartbreakers accused producers of Jodi Breakers of plagiarism saying that the Hindi film is a copy of their film. But recently, the film was cleared of the charges as lawyers appointed by the producers of Heartbreakers found no similarities between the two films.

Bipasha’s Generous Side

Rumours of Bipasha’s tantrums had the crew worried about her behaviour on the sets even before the shoot had begun. But the Bong bombshell proved to be a surprise! Not only was the actress courteous to everyone, she even ended up buying gifts for members of the cast and crew!

Divide & Rule!

The cast of Jodi Breakers was divided into two groups, a male and a female gang. The female gang included Bipasha Basu, Dipannita Sharma and Mrinalini Sharma who used to go shopping once the shoot got over and the guy gang R. Madhavan, Omi Vaidya and director Ashwini Chaudhary who used to go casino-hopping to gamble.

Dipannita Sharma, Milind Soman, R. Madhavan, Bipasha Basu Jodi Breakers Movie Stills
Dipannita Sharma, Milind Soman, R. Madhavan, Bipasha Basu Jodi Breakers Movie Stills

Madhavan Missed Wife After Watching Scenes

In one of the scenes of the song Jab Mein Tumhare Saath Hoon, Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma had to buy jewellery from a store and Madhavan and Bipasha just had to watch them buying it. This scene got Madhavan miss his wife Sarita so much that he ended up buying an expensive piece of jewellery to surprise her, which left all the female cast and crew in awe!

Fans Prepared Food

The Greek food had got the better of the unit of 75 members who were dying for the taste some Indian delicacy during the shoot. A group of young Punjabi boys from Mykanos, who were also part of the group and huge fans of Bipasha, got to know about the unit’s Greek food dilemma, they took the charge and arranged delicious Punjabi food like Sarson da saag and Makke di roti. Madhavan, Bipasha and the other cast members couldn’t help but gorged on the delicious Indian meal.

Madhavan’s Pickled Delight

While shooting in Greece, Madhavan who is very fond of pickles, was very upset with his staff as they forgot to carry pickles from India. A sardar, who was a local junior artist, got to know about Madhavan’s spicy miss and arranged some home-made acchar (pickle) for the actor.

Bipasha Basu, Helen, R. Madhavan
Bipasha Basu, Helen, R. Madhavan

Helen’s Celebrations

Veteran yesteryear dancer and actress Helen, who plays a crucial role, bought a huge cake for the whole cast and crew and celebrated the successful completion of the film by cutting the cake.

Why Shouldn’t Boys Have All The Fun

After the shoot fitness freaks Bipasha Basu, Dipannita Sharma and Mrinalini Sharma used to hit the gym, while big foodies Madhavan, Omi Vaidya and Ashwini Chaudhary used to go to the clubs at Mykonos Island (Mykonos Island is known for its nightlife) and  just couldn’t stop clubbing, hogging delicious cuisines and gambling all night long.

Greeks Dance On Bollywood Tunes

Madhavan, Omi and Ashwini taught some Bollywood dance moves to the Greek audience in the club popularised by veteran actor Dilip Kumar. After a few nights, the club began to play the song Jai Ho… as soon as the trio entered the club as that was the only Bollywood song available in Greece!

Title change

The film was earlier titled as Shaadi Fast Forward but later producers settled for Jodi Breakers to give it a unique feel.

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