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Is there a Simran in every one of us?
Last week I saw Simran. Honestly, I knew the movie isn’t any good. I had already read the reviews about the narration, screenplay and confusing story. I still gave a nod to my friends when they asked me “Aaj Simran dekhne chalna hai?” For reasons, still unknown to me, I wanted to experience the life of Simran. By the time movie hit the climax, I had two things in my mind – “Yes, the movie is not up to the mark!” and “Is there a Simran in everyone of us?”


Who is Simran?
“Ja Simran Ja, Jee Le Apni Zindagi…”, The famous dialogue from the movie DDLJ gave birth to Simran 22 years ago. Why didn’t Simran (then) enter any other train compartment and kept running towards Raj? Why didn’t Raj or any other person on the train stop the train by pulling the chain? Simran symbolises “Freedom!”. How many times we have heard the expression “Jee Le Apni Zindgai…” post the epic! Recently, I saw a video at Buzzfeed India showing phrases you should know in India and you won’t be able to guess how they used the one above!


Simran is a person who is willing to live her life! She doesn’t care about anything in the world other than her own happiness. She is a dreamer. She will go to any limits to fulfil her dreams. She is an inspiration to fight the plight! That is why she didn’t enter any other compartment of the train because her dream was to be with Raj, and, she ran! She ran hard to achieve her dream.

Simran – The Lipstick Bandit
Today’s Simran is shown a bandit, a kleptomaniac and a gambler! “How is that freedom?”, One might wonder… Freedom is the condition of being free of restraints. Praful has been living her life like a robot from last 7 years thinking that one day she will be able to just fly away off all her problems, that she will not have to control her impulses anymore. It’s like being in the state of delirium – you are excited and confused at the same time!

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Genesis –
She is divorced – so it’s obvious that her marriage didn’t work. But why? She had a decent job, she thinks good of her future, she is street smart, she has a good sense of humor… Then why didn’t her marriage work? I guess she was also searching for the answer to this question all these years have gone by.

She is commitment phobic which leads her to a life of living causal relationships with meaningless sex. Or, maybe, post her divorce, she has realized that all men are jerks and just want to stay away from all the craziness as soon as she sees someone dominating her again! Like her manager at work, Mike, who is interested in her beauty and is willing to buy her time by offering help with her problems. Or the stranger she meets in LA, who is willing to have sex with her without protection. But, in all of this, she gets a feeling that she is a bad girl! This was emphasized when she tells a joke to her friend:

There was this one girl. She asked her mother “Mother what is a boyfriend?” The mother said “If you become a good girl, you will get one” and the small girl said “Mother, if I become a bad girl?” to mother said, “Then you will get many!”

Probably because of her failed marriage and meaningless affairs with so many people, she believes that she has turned out to be a bad girl from her mother’s story!


Introduction –
She always knew that there is a Simran in her waiting to come out and breathe. Breath like a free bird. There are glimpses when she enjoys her life in that one day in LA when she wins, or, when she enjoys her cousin’s wedding even when she knew that she is in deep trouble because of her losses in gambling, or, she celebrates Halloween with her new friend (who is willing to get married to her). And finally, she comes out as that bad girl – Lipstick Bandit when everyone in this world just tried to screw her (even her own parents)!

She lets go of all her restraints and becomes free – Simran, The Lipstick Bandit! Although, on the wrong path, but, it finally leads her to real freedom – when she starts serving her conviction in JAIL. Yes, serving her time was her real freedom. That’s what she wanted, a place where she is not interrupted by her father constantly on making decision, a place where she will not be objectified (like she used to get by her manager at work), a place where she could just breath and fly (like she used to do at her secret outing)!

Is there a Simran in every one of us?
No, I am not talking of a Lipstick Bandit or a Kleptomaniac or a Gambler hiding in one of us as well. “Simran” is a desire to be free in our own life. Not to be prisoners of other’s thoughts. Simran is our “What if?”, our “in retrospect”, our “in the hindsight”! All of us, at some point in our life, have used these phrases while looking back at past. “If only I would have let the Simran in me come out…”, one more phrase we should add in that list because – Yes, there is a Simran in every one of us who are just waiting for a nod to come out!


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  1. Loved the movie. A bit slow in the second half but kangana gives another national award worthy performance. She is just brilliant!


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