Queen Actress Kangna Ranaut is in high demand due to her recent successful films and National Award.


Kangana refused the Divine Lovers project which stars Irrfan Khan in a lead role. But, Irrfan Khan has a funny take on this situation.

Irrfan Khan's Hilarious Reply To Kangana's Refusal For 'Divine Lovers'
Irrfan Khan’s Hilarious Reply To Kangana’s Refusal For ‘Divine Lovers’

When questioned about losing an opportunity to work with Kangana, Irrfan said: “I don’t know whether I can do Divine Lovers with her or not. Kangana has now gone so out of reach that I will work with her only if I wish to be a heroine. So, if I come across a script wherein she plays the hero and I the heroine, I will certainly do it.”

Kangana rejected director Sai Kabir’s film Divine Lovers stating she is only interested in doing solo leads. Now, Zareen Khan has bagged the role.




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