Irrfan Khan has always entertained us with his flawless yet quirky roles. His movies like Hindi Medium and Piku were praised by the audiences. Irrfan is one of the most successful actors who has also left his mark in Hollywood films too. Apart from his best comic timing, Irrfan has delivered some serious roles with so ease in the films like Madaari and Talvar.

Recently, we met this amazing actor for an interview where he spoke about his upcoming movie Qarib Qarib Singlle which is going to hit the theatres on November 10, director Tanuja Chandra and his new Indian Amazon original, The Ministry.

Irrfan Khan: I’m Excited, Not Nervous About Qarib Qarib Singlle
Irrfan Khan: I’m Excited, Not Nervous About Qarib Qarib Singlle

Excerpts from the interview:


How do you feel right now? Any pre-release jitters?
I am excited, I am not nervous at all. We don’t usually get these kinds of stories to work on. The kind of romance in the movie is like what we have seen in our childhood, that old charm! And there are characters with whom you can relate to. So yes, it is exciting. We are waiting for audiences to see this film.

You are doing back to back romantic-comedy film…
This was just a coincidence I got back to back rom-com films. This was possible because after people saw me in Piku, they thought that I could romance. (Laughs)

Are you comfortable with your style of romance or you want to step in the zone of Shah Rukh Khan romance? 

Everyone has their own way of romancing and I have my style of romance and I will stick to it. Dusra koi kaise romance karta hai usse mera kya lena dena hai.

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You spoke about the old world charm in romance. Please elaborate.
Qarib Qarib Singlle has the old world charm- those were the times when you couldn’t say ‘I Love You’ so easily, where it takes time to express your emotions. Like Raj Kumar’s iconic dialogue, ‘’Paao zameen pe mat rakhna, mele ho jayenge.’ Usne kuch dekha bhi nahi hai, usne sirf uske paao dekhe hai aur uske andar uss tarah ki bhavna hai ki vo usko isshaar karta hai.

Your film Hindi Medium was a hit and people appreciated it. So now with Qarib Qarib Singlle, are you worried about the box office numbers?
Expectations are always there, it is part of life. You do wonder about the performance of your film but you cannot delve into it for too long. It is good or bad, within days you have to move on and out of it, because this is a weird anxiety and curiosity, which doesn’t help with anything

You have done so many genres now. Is there anything else in your mind that you would like to explore?
I think I haven’t even started yet. My journey has just begun. Initially, I used to pray that I should get the work which I want to do. There was never a scarcity of work for me, it has always been in abundance. But now, I have started getting the kind of work which interests me.

Which role do you think that you won’t be able to do?
The role of Yogi, I thought I won’t be able to do it. When it was written on paper, this role was so astonishing and amusing that I wonder how I am going to do it. To find the tone of this character was difficult for me and there were many chances where this role could have easily turn caricature.

Is there any role/film that you left and some other actor did and you feel regretted about that?
Several times and several films! There are a lot of films which I have rejected and I was happy with my decision. And there are films that I rejected but those were a huge hit. And I never thought that it would have been a hit if I was a part of it. There were few scripts which were offered to me but I didn’t do and later they were done by the superstars from our industry which became a super hit. I have my own place and they have their own!

Tanuja Chandra is coming after so long, so how was it working with her?
When I read the script, I felt that movies she (director Tanuja Chandra) made before, this is a different chapter. She is starting a new chapter with ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’. She wanted to make more personal and delicate films, which has more relatable characters

What is more important, to be a star or an actor?
Stardom comes automatically to you. If you are an actor and if you are entertaining people, then stardom comes with ease. Your journey is to tell a story, and if story telling can make you a star then it becomes a byproduct.

Do you think you are at a stage where if at all your films don’t work, still it won’t affect you in anyway?
My films in the beginning didn’t worked that well but still I had work. I know that I am not an actor who can decide whether a film would be hit or a flop. If there’s a great story to tell, then people will miss my presence. And if at all there’s no work for me, I am not worried about it. My only concern is that the kind of stories I want to tell, it should reach the audiences.

Tell us something about your new venture, The Ministry.
Digital medium is the future and we are doing a satire, which we have not done in a long time. A long time ago Manoj Kumar’s film came out, which had this song, ‘Ek tara bole’ , we haven’t seen satire after that and these guys have a strong team and their sensibilities are really mature. So doing a political satire with maturity will be fun.



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