India is in the grip of an epidemic. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, the guys and the gals, all of them seem to be in the grip of this epidemic. It has affected many seriously while many others are showing mild rather than serious symptoms.


Doctors and researchers have termed it the Dabangg Epidemic. Those hit by the epidemic can’t talk of anything but Dabangg. They hum songs of the Salman Khan starrer all day, stand in queues to book tickets for the film and generally discuss and tweet about the flick.

Although there has been no cure found yet for this infectious disease, researchers are hopeful of making a breakthrough on 10th September when ‘Dabangg’ will hit the screens. Although the medicine, still under preparation, is to be tested on the public, some tests have been carried out in private and the patients have responded brilliantly. learns that those who will see Dabangg on Friday will experience instant relief and will, in fact, feel extra fit and fine. also predicts that after being cured, a section of the large mass of patients might take a double dose of the movie just so that they don’t get infected by the disease again!



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