There are Independence day films that make you want to run with the tricolour right on the streets and make your chest puff up with pride. Then there are those that make you squirm in your seat and wonder, “What the heck was going through that filmmaker’s head?’

On India’s 64th Independence Day, brings you some not-so-good films that dealt with patriotism in their own unique way…

Patiala House

Patiala House Movie Stills

Patiala House may not have been that bad per se, but the entire premise for the movie was flawed! If Rishi Kapoor hated the goras so much, why did he even stay in England? Couldn’t he have just packed up his bags and left home? Instead you are treated to more than two hours of a moping Akshay Kumar on screen. Not only did Rishi Kapoor choose stereotypical Indian jobs for his family (a taxi driver, a jalebi maker, a general store employee etc.), he even ran his family like a fiefdom!

I Proud To Be An Indian

I Proud To Be An Indian Movie Stills

If you ignored the grammatically incorrect title of the movie (we’re sure the makers had a good explanation for that), and actually watched it, you deserve a very kind pat on the back. The premise of the movie was simple: An Indian (Sohail Khan), his family and other Indians are harassed by skinheads in Britain. But the filmmakers managed to make it a torturous journey by mixing some Pakistani neighbours, senseless screaming by Sohail and getting the white-skinned characters getting beaten up during most of their screen time.


Clerk Movie Stills

Manoj Kumar’s Clerk makes it here clearly for one reason: the heart attack scene. Manoj cures his ailing father, Ashok Kumar, of a heart attack with just two battery cells. The patriotic spirit in Kumar pumps the blood right back into his veins as soon as he hears Kadam kadam badhae ja!


Hero Movie Stills

It’s not like we cannot find a better Sunny Deol movie on patriotism, but Hero gets here for Sunny’s numerous looks in the movie (how can we forget the brown hair and goatee?). Add to that all the drama set in Canada, Rajpal Yadav’s overacting and the cheesy dialogues.


Deshdrohi Movie Stills

And last, but not the least, our favourite whipping boy Deshdrohi! We don’t know how Kamal Rashid Khan got Yadavs in his conversation, how he survived half a dozen bullets, or how he passed unnoticed at a convocation filled with cops, but KRK’s Deshdrohi takes the cake!

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