Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari in lead roles is all set to hit the theaters this week. The film revolving around social issues and abuse against women has been the talk of the town since its hard hitting trailer.


With a strong backing by producers Shoojit Sircar and Ronnie Lahiri, the film has been promoted well and is expecting to make a strong impact.

In conversation with the duo, we find out if the makers are anxious for their upcoming film being pitted against Raaz Reboot, why the film is named as Pink and much more!

1. Pink is clashing with Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Reboot. This will affect the film’s business at the Box Office to some extent. What was the thought process behind releasing the film on same day?
Ronnie Lahiri: No. Today, I mean, easily two films can release. We both have a much selected audience of our own. We are looking at certain kind of audience and we are targeting for that. Raaz Reboot has its own kind of audience because it’s a franchise. They have a clear cut market. And it’s a country of 1.2 billion, I’m sure two films can easily survive. Last year, Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani made 100 crore plus business. The content should be liked by the audience.

2. Why is it titled PINK? The movie deals with societal problems, it’s dark and intense. So why was EVE changed to PINK?
Shoojit Sircar: EVE was a just a working title and we were looking for a better title anyway. We thought PINK is an apt tittle. PINK has a deeper meaning. It’s not just one girly or Barbie colour, it’s much beyond that. Women are moving on as fast and as progressive so I think we should go beyond pink. And when you see the film you’ll exactly know why this film is titled Pink. In fact, this film is not about women’s problems, this film is all about one incident and that one incident percolates into one situation that every possible woman faces. Yes, the trailer is quite hard-hitting and it’s really hard film, it brings the dark side of our society and Delhi. But I think the film is more relatable. Like Piku was relatable to every girl, even this film will make you feel about these three girls standing in the witness box.

Interview With Shoojit Sircar And Ronnie Lahiri For Pink
Interview With Shoojit Sircar And Ronnie Lahiri For Pink

3. Shoojit did you write the film keeping Amitabh Bachchan’s character in mind?
No, I don’t think when we were writing the film anyone thought of Mr. Bachchan. He came late into the picture. One day I was sitting in the office and was thinking whom to cast as many actors were on our mind. We were just brain storming and one day I just thought and picked the phone and texted him that can I come and see you? I just thought of bouncing it off to see where it goes because we were not sure. As the director was new, we personally went and spoke to him and he agreed to the film and me and Ronnie were quite surprised. Because while agreeing he has given us so much of responsibility and respect, we thought we should not let it go and we should really work hard.

4. What about ‘Shoebite’? Mr. Bachchan praised the movie. Why is it still stuck?
Shoojit: I don’t want to go into the details of it. It is probably between two studios. So they need to figure it out. Our job is to make the film and give it to them, we worked hard as technicians. We feel disheartened that the film is not released. Umm… as a technician we feel defeated.

5. Shoojit could you throw some light on 1911 and Hamara Bajaj?
We are not ready with the script yet. And we will take some more time to polish it. As soon as the scripting is done, Ronnie will announce the date as he is going produce all my films.



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