Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Music Director/s: Jeet Gannguli

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Raaz Reboot is the fourth installment in the Raaz series. Starring Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora in lead roles, the film is slated to hit the theaters this week.

The music of the film has been composed by Jeet Gannguli and Sangeet, Sidharth Haldipur.

Here’s a look at the soundtrack of the film :

1. Lo Maan Liya – Raaz Reboot Music Review

A slow paced romantic number, ‘Lo Maan Liya‘ has a typical Jeet Gannguli quality to it. Arijit Singh takes to the mic for this mellow number. The song has been written by Kausar Munir, With minimal musical arrangements, it relies mainly on Arijit to work his magic. Unfortunately, with Arijit being a regular singer for most albums today, this one feels quite a repetitive one for his talents. We have listened to many such love ballads before.

2. Raaz Aankhen Teri – Raaz Reboot Music Review

Yet another slow track from the album, Raaz Aankhen Teri is also a Arijit Singh number. This song is pretty much on the lines of Jeet’s compositions from the film Hamari Adhuri Kahani. The song has a soothing quality and could appeal to those who have an ear for soft romantic numbers.

3. O Meri Jaan – Raaz Reboot Music Review

O Meri Jaan is the only song from the album that has been composed by brothers Sangeet and Sidharth Haldipur. They bring in K.K to croon this number. The song is slightly fast paced compared to the other tracks. Also, the varying musical arrangements work well.

4. Yaad Hai Na – Raaz Reboot Music Review

Arijit Singh comes back with the fourth track Yaad Hai Na in the album. While Jeet Gannguli’s tune is worth humming, it is extremely low on the feel. Yaad Hai Na is a sad song that may appeal to those heartbroken but not for a long time. This song lacks longevity like many other songs that feature Emraan Hashmi.

Yaad Hai Na also has an unplugged version sung by Jubin Nautiyal. This version is much better than the original one. With plain acoustic sounds, the soft nature of the song works better.

5. Hummein Tummein Jo Tha – Raaz Reboot Music Review

Palak Mucchal and Papon come together for Hummein Tummein Jo Tha. The song takes off with Raaz Aaankhein Teri tune performed with violins. The song’s music is same as the title track but the lyrics are different. Papon’s vocals sound magical with violin in the background. This is easily the best song from the album.

6. The Sound Of Raaz – Raaz Reboot Music Review

The Sound of Raaz is the main riff of the soundtrack. It has Jubin Nautiyal crooning the first line of title song Raaz Aakhein Teri. There is nothing interesting about this.

Last Word – Raaz Reboot Music Review

The music album of Raaz Reboot is a mixed bag. Tracks like Hummein Tummein and Raaz Aankhein work well. Although for Jeet Gannguli, a little more versatility could have made this album a winner. I am going with a 2.5/5 for the album.

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  1. True! JG needs to slow down. After Hamari Adhuri Kahani, most of his songs haven’t been too memorable. Infact, Jeet Ganguli and Amaal Mallik today are composing very similar romantic songs, but none that stays after the move releases.


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