Hamari Adhuri Kahani Movie Poster
Hamari Adhuri Kahani Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajkummar Rao

Director: Mohit Suri

What’s Good: It’s a treat to listen to the songs of Hamari Adhuri Kahani in theater. Also some of Shagufta Rafique’s dialogues may find their place in your heart.

What’s Bad: What could be worse than watching a love story and not feel its sting. It fails to involve you and suck you in on any level. Thanks to the larger than life cinematic liberties taken by Suri, you cannot enjoy this film.

Loo break: Badly needed!

Watch or Not?: No! There are better things to do on a weekend than watch a love story that is painfully slow, illogical and has no conclusions whatsoever. Unless you loved Aashiqui 2, this may be your type of film.

User Rating: 

Vasudha (Vidya Balan) is a single mother but not by choice. After being forced into an arrange marriage with Hari (Rajkummar Rao), Vasudha’s life takes a spin. Hari turns out to be a chauvinistic husband who wants his wife get his name tattooed on her hand to make sure she belongs to him for the next 7 janam. In a brief amount of time after the duo have a child together, Hari takes off to Orrissa and has been missing since then. But we are later told that he works for a terrorist group in Bastar.

Vasudha’s son Saanjh turns 5 without meeting his dad while she is supporting the family by working in a plush hotel as a florist. In a chance meeting that could only be called a ‘Bhagwan ka connection’ she meets Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi), a multi-millionaire hotel owner. After a heavy exchange of dialogues which seem to connect them on an emotional level, Aarav is in love with Vasudha and offers her to work for his hotel in Dubai. Intimidated by the job offer that could better her son’s life Vasudha moves to Dubai and falls for Aarav too. Certainly after denial at first, Vasudha is convinced with Aarav’s offer to give her the missing happiness and light of her dull life. Just then her dark past catches up with her and guess what? Hari is back.

What entails is Vasudha’s struggle between the past and present. Will Vasudha and Aarav’s Kahani remain Adhuri?

Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan in a still from movie 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani'
Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan in a still from movie ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Review: Script Analysis

There are a hell lot of problems in this script and well it is definitely ‘Adhoori’ of logic. For starters the love story of Aarav and Vasudha is too far fetched. Another problem is that Mohit Suri cannot come up with relatable love stories. In times of instant make-up and break-ups, Suri shows us his idea of timeless romance which blooms with dialogues which are so deep that you fail to understand the concept of love. Just like Ek Villain, we are served with philosophies of ‘Sukh Dene Se Hi Dukh Kam Hota Hai’.

On the other hand the story rides on highly regressive cliches and Vasudha is seen wearing her mangalsutra as if she is taking her drug and without which she would not survive. Shagufta Rafique tries to induce a lot of pain which the story revels on but it fails to create an impact thanks to the other missing logics. Hari’s character is presented in such a cut short manner that we can hardly hate him enough. One of the best characters for me was Apoorv who plays Aarav’s assistant. The poor soul is so frustrated with his boss’ affair that he just keeps saying ‘I don’t get you man’ all through the film. I have to say, Mahesh Bhatt goes too far to represent love outside marriage and separation. The constant references to mythological women such as Seeta, Radha and Meera are conveniently shuttled between the regressive and progressive concepts.

Of course, the same Vasudha used to wear her Mangalsutra as a drug has suddenly become progressive too and the script has to have a lecture on women’s emancipation.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Review: Star Performances

It irks me as to why an actress like Vidya Balan come on board for a film like this. Her choices seem to be deteriorating by the day and I am waiting for her to get back. In this film, she does not seem quite comfortable with the role and hence a disconnect persists all through.

Emraan Hashmi is once again limited to a Bhatt hero role and there is nothing extraordinary that you see. His potential is curbed and the only thing that impressed me in this film was his genuine act of crying. His teary-eyed scenes are quite powerfully emoted.

Rajkummar Rao is wasted in this film and it hurts to seem him in such a minimal role. He tries his best to be the badass husband but his character lacks the fodder to make him meaner. Nonetheless, his honest act is worth appreciation.

Madhurima Tuli, Namit Das and Suhasini Mooley, Saara Khan are seen in cameo roles but none of their characters impact the story much.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Mohit Suri had promised us an emotional roller coaster of a painful romantic journey but what we get in return is an altogether disappointing story. While I thought I would have to stock up on tissues to watch this one, sadly the tissues came handy for wiping the yawn tears. Who knows what’s wrong with Mr. Suri’s direction and well, it is completely unacceptable to have scenes with characters whose heads have been chopped off in a frame, hell that’s a crime while clicking pictures too. When it comes to the pace, the first half is already slow and the curse of the second half too strikes making this a sloppy ride. The inclusion of K-serial ideas such as the ‘diya bujhna’ is some things he would have rather stayed away from. The only thing that works in Suri’s favour is the film’s music which is already popular enough. The stretched ending is so boring that the only pain you feel is that why can’t it end sooner and I am angry at the editing department for that. Suri it seems fails to re-create Mahesh Bhatt’s vision and what could have been an Arth turns out worse than Aashiqui 2.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Review: The Last Word

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Trailer

Hamari Adhuri Kahani releases on 12th June, 2015.

Share with us your experience of watching Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

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  1. expect nothing different a review from u guys…atleast watch the film with patience and focus again and dont put ur reviews in vain!!

  2. what the hell review is this.. 1.5 stars to HAK and 2 stars to Ashique 2 ..just go to a mental doctor for a checkup and please dont gave any review again to any movie
    this movie is superb and in my opinion i will give it 4 stars

  3. shayad in review dene walo ko hi movie banani chahiye… fir pta chalega… so this is review of this review..
    rating : 0/5
    star cast: no stars only some idiots..
    director: surabhi redkar (pehli bar nam suna)
    what’s good: handwriting used in the review..
    what’s bad: everything written…
    loo break : do it on the review…
    watch or not: if u want to use some bad words … then only watch it…. :D

  4. well who is d reviewer?? what a third class review it has been ?? the reviewer is saying” unless u like ashiqui 2 this may be ur type of film”…really?? i like ashiqui 2 , my friends loved that , my family loved that , the whole country loved that may be not u….mind u ashiqui 2 was blockbuster but again i feel pitty for u ….may be d reviewer is from some advance hollywood nation where there is no place for love, emotions ,relations,etc what a 3rd class review i mean…i thought “koimoi” is a brand and they don’t do partiality but after seeing this review i understood…..people loved ashiqui 2 nd reviewer is criticising….hahaha dis is a joke….looks like everyone can be a reviewer nowdays…

  5. humaari adhuri kahaani : 1.5 stars
    ashiqui 2 : 2 stars

    dil dhadakne do: 3 stars
    just becoz dil dhadakne do is a movie for class people the reviewer gives 3
    hav watched dil dhadakne do,it was quite boring and pakau and even very slow but their slowness does not matter and here in hamaari adhuri kahaani it matters so reviewer has given low rating….dis is shit

  6. i ask koimoi to change d reviewer cox of his/her poor quality to judge a movie like HAK or else i will not visit koimoi nd i know for u it is difficult to change d reviewer just coz i m saying hence u lost one of ur permanent visitor

  7. Dear Reviewer, Please gimme everyone the proof that u have seen the movie in a cinema hall..ticket plz!! The review came even before the first show was complete!! LoL

  8. kya bakwas hai ya itna ganda review itni nice hai…hAk is my favrt movie now..bakwas site hai bor movies ko 3-4 starts..review dyna sa pala soch liya karo kitna mehnat lagi hogi film pa.HAK is a new heart touching story..

  9. in Bollywood, the reviewers work for celebrity and rate film accordingly. if film goes hit then their opinion changes.

  10. Whoever wrote this review should quit his/her job. These types of movies come once in a decade, and you unnecessarily slammed it. What a shame… You give high ratings to stupid full masala movie, but when it comes to real cinematic movie, you give less rating. I ask you, didn’t you get money from Mahesh Bhutt, because if you had received money from him, you would have written a positive review…

  11. plzzz.. People go and watch movie .
    very nice movie
    hame ye KOIMOI valo ko dikha dena hai.
    jese ASHIQUI 2 me dikhaya tha


  13. best love story bcz some love stories have end like this film …. everything is nice …. 5 out of 5 points

  14. what a nice movie HAK……
    Reviewers must be give at least 3 stars………
    and what a nice acting by Emraan Hashmi ..

  15. Dear Koimoi team, This is not done, how can you guys underrate such a wonderful masterpiece of Indian Cinema.
    Hamari Adhuri Kahani deserves 5 Stars interms of performance.
    This is my last visit to Koimoi.com
    Atleast you guys must have some cinematic sense,

  16. truly said by all…. Itz really a very heart touching n full of feelings n emotions…. Now a days many or u can say everybody dont have feelings… Every1 wants tym pass…… So person who have feelings.. Really he/she love this movie….. Critics could u plz explain wat u want more in this movie…

  17. Had dis movie been from a big banner or a big star. D same movie would hav got 3 to 4 stars.donno why evry emraan movie gets no more dan 2 stars.dey giv a crap lik happy new year 3 stars.lol.

  18. Had dis movie been from a big banner or a big star. D same movie would hav got 3 to 4 stars.donno why evry emraan movie gets no more dan 2 stars.

  19. the best heart touching ever movie i missed for 2 years to watch,finally gotta see in TV accidentally and will never be bored to watch how many ever time more

  20. this timeless Romance can be felt only if you watch it deeply through your heart otherwise no one will understand the movie at all it is just about mind and heart coming together the real Assets of life I just understood by certain kind of things that everybody does not try to feel it’s just about something what happens somewhere that they brought it to your site and you understand that it is a heart touching story


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