Fox Searchlight, the world distributors of My Name Is Khan, are no doubt disturbed by the turn of events which threaten to disrupt the release of the film in Maharashtra.

But the Fox people seem to be over-confident about the film.

So over-confident that at cinemas in many places, they have not booked the film simply because they were not offered the same terms as 3 Idiots.

One spokesman of Fox is said to have told an exhibitor of Delhi-U.P., “Never mind if you can’t give us the same terms as those offered to 3 Idiots. We will not release the film at your cinema. If you are ready to see our view point, you can come to us. We don’t mind releasing the film on Monday.”

Phew! Wonder if Karan Johar knows what the Fox people are up to! Releasing a big-budget film like MNIK midweek is unheard of in the history of Bollywood.

But maybe, this is what happens when Bollywood decides to get married to Hollywood.

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