While every other leading daily has given a lot of word space to Anurag Kashyap feeling queasy about his Bombay Velvet releasing with Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K, the film’s lead actor Aamir Khan is as cool as cucumber about the clash. While many dailies had reported that Anurag had approached both Hirani and Khan asking whether the rumors of the film locking a Christmas release is true, Hirani reverted saying that they are not sure about it so far.


But when we asked Aamir Khan about the same, he replied, “Anurag Kashyap has not approached me.”

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

The actor continued saying, “I don’t know which films are releasing that day. But, I have always felt that films have space with the ever growing theaters in India. Two or three films can release on the same day, there is no problem. And if both films are good, they both will do well.”

Aamir’s P.K and Ranbir Kapoor-Anushka Sharma’s Bombay Velvet are so far expected to release on Christmas Friday in 2014.

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    • Aamir is shameless. Khans know they cannot give hit without holiday (remember Talaash?). If Aamir is confident his film has content and will run ask him to release the film on its original date of 6th June.

      • talaash did huge business in india and was the third biggest hit of the year overseas too of dat year even though it was not a commercial potboiler massy movie…u moron get ur facts rite…. aamir is the ruler of crore clubs wid ghajini 3 idiots nd dhoom 3…. baap se panga mat le

      • So as a salman fan you’re saying he also cant give a hit without a holiday – e.g. jai ho?

        Khans are the top 3 stars and the top stars get the best dates, so why release on non-holiday? But for your kind info, this whole holiday factor only became big in last 2-3 years, before that it didn’t matter n khans have been giving hits since 20 years. RNBDJ, Chak de, MNIK, Ready were all non-holiday hits/blockbusters.

        By the way, a holiday adds perhaps 10% extra business. You think big hits like CE, D3, ETT wouldn’t be blockbusters on a non-holiday? of course they would.

      • Who told you that talaash wasn’t a hit, it’s worldwide gross was 175 crores and it had a budget of 40 crores. Go and confirm it from wherever you like.

    • the truth is both aamir and ranbir are good actors.. Aamir has been in the industry for 26 years now so it is not rocket science that he will attract more crowd. so it is foolish to compare both.. but if you take aamir in 1992 5 years after his debut and Ranbir today(5-6 years after the debut) Ranbir surely has done more varied roles with ease. Doing roles after 10-12 years into the industry is no big deal but taking those risks early in ur career shows ur mettle as an actor. and btw both aamir and ranbir come from influential families so both has good cushion if something failed. I appreciate both aamir and ranbir as they probably are the only 2 heroes who can do both off beat movies and main stream commercial cinema with ease.


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