Shah Rukh Khan 8 Pack Abs still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Shah Rukh Khan 8 Pack Abs still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

With the Happy New Year look of Shah Rukh Khan going viral as he flaunted his new 8 packs look, everyone went drooling over it. The actor who was last seen showing off his hot bod in Om Shanti Om as the six packs hero and this new look certainly went a notch higher. Talking about this new look, Koimoi reader Shorgo from Dhaka tells us the reason why this feat of SRK is quite commendable at his age.

Before I start answer me one thing “Do you believe in magic?” I don’t know what would be your answer but mine is NO. Why? Well that’s why I’m here writing something.


Few days back a storm came and hit the social networking sites and literally shocked everyone. What was so special about that storm? Well the storm’s name was Shah Rukh Khan; more precisely it was his stunning physique which created the humongous buzz around the world. His new 8 pack abs (arguably 10 pack) looks for his upcoming heist film Happy New Year is now an International topic.

Its not that 8 pack abs is a new thing but what makes him special is his hard work and dedication, Mr.Khan is about to join 50’s club and now he’s sporting absolutely amazing 8 pack abs. That is something doesn’t happen so often. Well let me remind you that 7 years ago this Tinsel Town Megastar burned the dance floor of Dard-E-Disco with his stunning 6 pack abs and surprised the world. And not to mention he was the trendsetter of 6 pack abs in Bollywood.

After 7 years, he has done it again and looking younger than 25 years old guy. Sometimes when I see him I wonder, am I watching Benjamin Button from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in my real life ? HaHa.

Now a days everybody wants to be fit and sport a six pack or 8 pack abs. Every girl wants their men to have dazzling physique (Sad but true). If you’re a proud member of Forever Lazy Club then it’s your time to wake up and shake yourself. If a 48 year old man who still have some terrible injuries in shoulder and knee, can workout 1.30 hr daily at mid night then what’s your excuse? Come on it’s time to hit the gym and live with discipline.

All of you who want to have that dream body of SRK must read this part. Prashant Sawant, the man who helped SRK to make this stunning figure, has revealed the details of SRK’s 8 pack diet and work out strategy.

Prashant spoke to a leading daily about SRK’s 8 pack abs, “There is not much difference between building six or eight-pack abs except more hard work. What is essential is right training and passion. Anybody can get eight-pack abs if they work out as rigorously as Shah Rukh did with discipline, passion and the correct training. I have worked for him since Asoka. It took Shah Rukh just six months to build his eight-pack abs. It would take a layman a year to do the same. Shah Rukh’s metabolic rate is high, post Chennai Express he underwent shoulder surgery. We started rehab training and then he met with an accident on the sets of Happy New Year where he hurt his knee. So it took two-and-a-half months to recover from that. He couldn’t even lift one pound during that time.”

Adding to that he said, “SRK worked out for six months rigorously. He has great energy but he wasn’t sure if he could. He is shy about his body. SRK has an athletes body that is required for that. We have a picture of SRK with his six-pack abs in the gym and we both knew that we needed something better to replace that picture. He has always had faith in me and believes in what I ask him to do – whether it’s diets or workouts. He would always follow the new techniques, improvisations and workouts I would set for him. He never questions what I ask him to do. That bonding has helped us to achieve impossible tasks. People are going to be shocked that at the age of 49 Shah Rukh has built this kind of body. He’s inspiring lots of people, especially those who are couch potatoes and setting examples for those with medical problems. He’s built this kind of body despite his injuries and is a trendsetter. If he can, anybody can. He has proved that if you are passionate, determined and dedicated enough to do it, you can. He has immense self-control. He always eats healthy food, is a light eater and not a fussy. He always eats the right portions and never overeats, even at parties and during festivals. He is a true sportsperson.”

Shah Rukh Khan 8 Pack Abs still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Shah Rukh Khan 8 Pack Abs still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

He also said about SRK’s work out strategy “He would work out five days a week for one hour and twenty minutes. We would train at 2 or 3 am at night. SRK is a true Night Rider. There was a combination of functional and strength training. The workouts were also suspension and weight training. I got these special vibrating dumbbells for him. Other training methods included power play techniques which really helped his shoulder and also 10 min cardio. He would do many stomach crunches. Every month and later, every 15 days I would change his workout routine.”

See, despite his terrible injuries in shoulder and knee, he kept working hard relentlessly. Turn around look all those people who are at 48 now. Are you really wanna live their life when you’ll be at their stage? Or you want to be as “hot cake” as Shah Rukh by extending your youth. If yes then brace yourself 8 pack abs diet list is coming which you are not gonna like.

We all know that SRK’s favorite food is Tandoori Chicken but you’ll be surprised to see his diet plan.

Eggs with two pieces of brown bread
Chicken sandwiches
Chicken salad
Protein supplement through the day
Snacks of white egg omelette or sweet potato
Grilled fish or chicken or stir fried vegetables for dinner

The last one month he added an extra meal of chicken every day like a chicken salad.

All the foodie boys like me its time to sack the fast foods and those oily foods we have daily. Whenever you’ll get depressed by this routine just look at SRK and close your eyes, feel his energy, feel the amount of joy he’s having by working so hard, feel the willow power of SRK, With this hard work and dedication he has set an example and proved again that age is just a number.

Remember at the beginning of this article I told you that I don’t believe in magic. I hope you already got the answer of “why”. There is no magic exists in this world. Success lies in two words “Hard work”. SRK’s success his 6 pack, 8 pack abs are not just a fairytale story. Lot of hard works, sacrifices and pains have made him one only SHAH RUKH KHAN.

And like he said “I am the mirror of common people”. So if Shah Rukh can then you can too.

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